May 17
Today’s celeb birthdays
1955: Bill Paxton (56)
1956: Bob Saget (55)
1962: Craig Ferguson (49)
1988: Nikki Reed (23)

Relationships come under the cosmic spotlight today with the Full Moon stirring our emotions. People may want you to agree, sign contracts, go along with their plans. That’s fine for this morning, but hold off after lunch when the picture isn’t all it seems. Call me to hear when to sign that agreement.

Watch out for complications today, Aries. A Full Moon in your money zone flashes an alert. There are people out there who will try to persuade you that night is day and day is night, so keep your wits about you, especially this afternoon. Sign paperwork this morning. Call me to hear when your insights impress the boss.

People are such glib talkers today. But there’s a really strong chance that what they ask you to do will be complicated or confusing. Get your facts straight before making any commitment. Watch your health today, too. Whether it’s physical effort or diet – less is more. Call me to hear when your expertise comes up trumps.

A Full Moon lighting up your romance sector brings emotions to the boil. It’s a passionate day and just right for a hot date. But if you’re making arrangements be sure everyone is clear about the details. Wind up a creative project this morning and make all decisions by 12 noon. Call me to hear when love is just perfectly profound.

Today’s Full Moon throws light on domestic matters. If you’re in the process of buying or selling a property, firm up negotiations this morning. The afternoon hours are not favourable for agreements, hiring workers, making investments or shopping. Conclude all financial dealings by twelve o’clock. Call me to hear when you make an important discovery.

Communications often go awry at the time of the Full Moon, which occurs today. Chances are, people misunderstand information or totally get the wrong end of the stick. Don’t engage this afternoon. Double check what, and to whom, you are writing before you press ‘send’. Call me to hear when an honest chat puts things right.

Watch out for some spring madness today when it comes to money and spending. A Full Moon in your cash zone can make you throw caution to the wind and prone to impulse buys. Keep an eye on your goods and possessions this afternoon. You may become forgetful. Call me to hear when to take that important financial decision.

Scorpios often see slights where none are intended and mistakenly harbour grudges as a consequence. Beware today that you don’t fall into that trap as a Full Moon heightens sensitivities and increases the chances of misunderstandings – especially so this afternoon! Call me to hear when you can successfully clear the air.

If you’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to fit everything in, you may find you’re exhausted come evening time. The point is, Sagittarius, you do tend to take on too much and there comes a time when you simply have to say: enough is enough! Call me to hear when to push your visionary idea.

It’s one of those days when people are likely to say one thing and then go and do another – or let you down completely. Whoever you try to reach this afternoon won’t be there. Give it up before you get too frazzled. You’ll have more success after 6.30 tonight. Call me to hear when a goal is in sight.

If the boss offers you the opportunity of a life time this afternoon, get it down on paper and signed. Otherwise there’s a strong chance it will never materialise. And keep an eye on your possessions if you’re on the road or you could lose something precious. Call me to hear when your intuition is spot-on.

The cosmic spotlight shines on matters at a distance and friends far away. If you’ve been out of touch with a certain person, make that connection this morning. The morning hours are also favourable for legal matters, written work, booking travel or arranging outings. Beware mistakes this afternoon. Call me to hear when a legal matter goes your way.

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