July 21
Today’s Celeb birthdays
1951: Robin Williams (58)
1978: Josh Hartnett (31, Pictured)

An important choice must still be made. But for some reason, you seem divorced from reality today. If it’s a hostile environment – then move on. As it happens, nothing can deter you from according the attention that your private life deserves. You’re patient, yet passionate. Call my starline for a surprising conclusion.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Then don’t make a scene even if others try to hold you back or prevent you from setting sail. This has to be a personally rewarding time. Also when you must satisfy your yen for travel.

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For some reason, doing your job is not nearly as important as cementing one relationship. Simply that Venus is challenged by your ruler Saturn, and you may be given the run around today. Not that you can be thwarted. After all, you have chosen your destiny. Call my starline to see why you are left disarmed.

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You admit that an offer is irresistible. But there seems to be a conflict of interests today. Don’t succumb to emotional blackmail. Besides, you cannot be prevented from doing something that you are consistently good at. The complaints are relatively few. Do fit fitness in. Call my starline to see why the results are wild.

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No doubt partners or various family members expect you to fit in with their wishes today – however ridiculous they appear. There does exist a greater intimacy, call it a personal obsession of yours. Maybe this explains why you won’t consider surrendering. It’s absolute love or nothing. Call my starline to see why happy feelings linger.

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You should be pleased about an impending move. At least the family are warming to the idea. True, there may be a few petty details to iron out today – which you should nail in the end. You won’t feel so vulnerable, and you may fall in love. Call my starline to relive the whole experience.

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You may well be gripped with excitement, and not passivity. More so, when it comes to certain arrangements that interest you. Obviously, money helps – but you shouldn’t let your nearest and dearest spend as they please today. They have no idea why you’ve been called away. Call my starline to see why you will soon be commuting.

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Despite the speculation surrounding a deal, it remains unsigned. Decide on a financial gambit – that’s one way of forcing the issue. However, because Venus in Gemini is challenged by Saturn, not everyone will pay homage today. Maybe it’s a question of lifestyle? It’s also a hothouse. Call my starline to see why there is room at the inn.

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A break from the past is still indicated. However, since you are removed from this particular situation, there is no reason for disappointment. Maybe you would rather take a loss than compromise today. Don’t forget you have a personal engagement. The inquiry can therefore wait. Call my starline to see why you won’t act in isolation.

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Because Venus is at odds with Saturn in Virgo, you are likely to remain indifferent or issue a note of caution today. Maybe you can’t live up to the hype? Sounds more like certain people will go over the top. That’s why you should be there. Call my starline to see why you won’t have to tone down things.

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The approaching solar eclipse is supposed to highlight your aims and personal aspirations. And you are about to defy everyone’s expectations – rather than sink into obscurity. It’s just that you may not be in the groove today. Whether your actions are predestined, is another matter. Call my starline to see what is looming large.

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There appears to be many attractions to explore and persons you connect with. Therefore, there is no point in squabbling, as congeniality is in short supply today. No matter. Besides, you may have already decided to stake your claim elsewhere – and the further the better. Call my starline to see why a place remains your first love.

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Don’t imagine that the bubble is about to burst or that you will lose out badly. Nor listen to others advice – they’re suffering a mid-life crisis. An offer will be put to you today – calmly. But you can’t help thinking it’s insane, not just the money. Call my starline to see you reap what you sow.

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