October 4
Today’s celeb birthdays
1937: Jackie Collins (73)
1946: Susan Sarandon (64)
1967: Liev Schreiber (43)
1976: Alicia Silverstone (34)
1979: Rachael Leigh Cook (31)

People and situations could be hypersensitive today. It’s the effects of next Thursday’s Full Moon which is already beginning to stir up everyone’s emotions. Do lighten up. It’s one of those days when a little sense of humour goes a long way – and will smooth over your work, too. Call me to hear when something you eat could upset your system.

Listen to what your body’s trying to tell you and don’t overtax yourself today. More particularly, you can’t afford to take risks, even ones you think may have been carefully calculated – and especially not this afternoon. Children, lovers, co-workers? Read between the lines! Call me to hear when your routine goes for a Burton.

Get as much done as you can this morning, Taurus, because there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip this afternoon, both at home and at work. Colleagues may be unhelpful, information unreliable or officials simply unobtainable no matter how many times you try to ring. Call me to hear when a friend needs your shoulder to cry on.

What happens at work today is likely to make you pull your hair out, bang your head against a brick wall and generally see red! The difficulty lies in uncertainty. Step back, take a deep breath, count to ten. And then take a second look. Call me to hear when you need to be aware of someone’s unpredictable change of mood.

Watch your belongings today as, chances are, something could go astray, especially if you’re traveling. Check your bank statements and balances carefully today because someone’s going to make a mistake – and it won’t be in your favor. Act immediately if you think something’s wrong. Call me to hear when unrealistic expectations let you down.

There is confusion around which could be irritating. Whether they mean to or not, people may try to pull the wool over your eyes, make more demands or need extra tlc. Despite the distractions, get as much done as you can: it’s going to be a busy week. Call me to hear when your generosity is over the top.

Did you overdo it over the weekend? Partied too long, drank too much or went to bed too late? Whatever you did, you’re likely to feel off color. Things improve as the day progresses but meanwhile, stay alert for mistakes at work – especially this afternoon. Call me to hear when you mustn’t take people for granted.

A certain domestic or family affair is still up in the air. But, Scorpio, you may need to prepare yourself to spring into action today as a problem could occur with a gas or water supply. Have you left a tap running, perhaps? Check for leaks this afternoon. Call me to hear when it’s critically important to keep an open mind.

Your ‘to do’ list for today is longer than your arm. So you won’t appreciate all the distractions that are happening around you. Watch out if you’re traveling, making bookings, and especially if you’re driving. Misinformation is causing havoc! Get your facts straight before you commit. Call me to hear when to watch out for electrical problems in the house.

You could be in an unusually forgetful mood this afternoon, Capricorn. Don’t leave your bags unattended, or absentmindedly take your eye off your wallet. Count your change after all transactions and make sure checks made over to you haven’t been signed by Mickey Mouse. Call me to hear when travel could be problematic.

It’s probably six or this and half-a-dozen of the other. Whichever, a misunderstanding with your partner is brewing. And money could be at the root cause. But are you actually saying the same thing in two different ways? Think it through calmly before tempers fray. Call me to hear when an unexpected business problem could occur.

Pisceans can be some of the most caring people under the sun – as you will prove today. But in your eagerness to give your time and attention, just be sure that you’re not making a mountain out of a molehill. Make time for you this afternoon. Call me to hear when to avoid someone taking advantage of your sympathy.

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