Well, probably always. As I mentioned, last night I enjoyed
a relaxing Sunday at home. What I didn’t mention in my last blog is that while
watching Desperate Housewives my sometimes roommate Amber and I were also
drinking a bottle of wine as we played around on MySpace and Facebook-
modern-day best and/or worst forms of procrastination.

While MySpacing I sent some messages to friends, including
one to an old high school friend who hasn’t recently returned my messages.
After re-reading what I sent him last night, I’m beginning to realize why. He’s
a musician living in LA and after writing that I’ll be in LA later this month I
MEANT to write “Let me know if you’re playing, I’d love to see you live. Hope
you’re doing well.” Instead, I’m a little horrified to see what I actually
wrote is, “Would love to see you if you live. Hope you’re going great.”

So, although I intended to say I’d love to go to a show and
see him perform live and I hope that all is going well for him, instead I’m
thinking it comes across that I hope he’s alive and that’s going well for him.”

The lesson: Going forward only sober and edited messaging.
One day I will also apply this to drunk text messaging. Baby steps.

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