Ryan Seacrest wasn’t always the lone man onstage, ushering would-be Idols to glory and defeat and trading barbs with the trio on judges row. When American Idol first hit the airwaves, there was Brian Dunkleman. The straight man cohost to Ryan Seacrest’s cherry personality, the yin to Ryan’s yang, Brian left Idol after season one, hoping the short stint would be enough to launch his acting and comedy career.

It did. Sort of. Since leaving American Idol, Brian has become a professional cameo actor. He’s made apperances of several TV shows, such as  Ghost Whisperer and Courting Alex. On top of that, he still does stand-up comedy.


Currently his most recurring roles are with the Howard Stern Show discussing Idol. And, if that wasn’t ironic enough, he’s the wvoiceover guy for the CW’s American Idol Rewind. Do you think he ever wishes he could rewind to the days when he was still at Ryan’s side?

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