Doggie-style rapper Snoop Dogg just loves his stories, according to Page Six. When he heard that R&B soulstress Mary J. Blige would be performing on One Life to Live, Snoop called the show and offered to write and perform a new theme song for the show. Said Paul Glass, OLTL’s supervising music director, “I’m a huge fan of Snoop and I’d love to hear what he’d come up with.” So would we! Blige’s appearance will air on Feb. 15 and 18.

What would you do if Russell Crowe called you? If you’re like filmmaker Koby Abberton, the man behind the Aussie surf gang documentary Bra Boys, you hang up. “When Russell called me because he wanted to get involved in the film, I said, ‘[Bleep] you, mate,’ because I was convinced it was my buddy [playing a prank].” Crowe called back though, and eventually, the filmmaker and the famous actor collaborated, says Gatecrasher.


Actor Dean Winters has a doppelganger! The Oz actor said he recently learned that someone is claiming to be him, getting into parties for free and even having relationships with women. "Two weeks ago, this Russian girl came up to me and said, ‘Are you Dean Winters? Wait here.’ She brings her friend over, and her friend says, ‘That’s not him.’ She’d had a five-month relationship with this impostor thinking it was me," Winters told Page Six. Winters warned against the imposter, saying, "He could be dangerous, and I want it stopped before someone gets hurt."


Today’s Birthdays: Alan Alda (72), Sarah McLachlan (40), Elijah Wood (27), Joey Fatone Jr. (31), Nick Carter (28).

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