What Paris Hilton wants, Paris gets, unless its Jared Leto! The leggy blonde socialite was spotted trying to woo the goth-y actor, but the former Mr. Jordan Catalano would have none of it, reports Page Six. Sister Nicky hung out with very classy boyfriend David Katzenberg, who spent one party at Club Stereo in Sundance repeatedly dropping his pants to show gatherers his, uh, goods.


Singer John Legend has an addiction — to models. It seems the "Ordinary People" singer doesn’t like ordinary girls and he’s dropped his last lover, Brazilian model Danielle Abreu, for a newer model, Thai-Norweigen beauty Christine Teigen. Said John, reports Rush & Molloy, "People are automatically condescending. They expect her to be dumb and say, ‘Oh you’re just dating a dumb girl because she’s hot.’ But people judge you either way. If you’re dating a girl who’s kind of regular, you hear, ‘Why are you dating her?’ I don’t get caught up in it. I’m more concerned with my happiness."


SPOILER ALERT: Want to know who the gossip girl behind Gossip Girl is? Then keep reading. If not, click off now! According to Gatecrasher, the true identity of gossip girl (who has been voiced by the lovely Kristen Bell) will be revealed soon — and it’s none other than Serena van der Woodsen’s brother, Eric! Gossip guy?


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