It’s been seven years since Whitney Houston released an album of original material, and Whitney says her newest release, I Look to You is a result of gaining wisdom since that time.

“I’m a lot wiser now, certainly a lot older. Things mean a lot more to me,” she tells Entertainment Tonight of her new album. “I have a 16-year-old daughter, which makes a lot of changes in a woman’s life. I think the songs themselves will speak to you when you hear them. And you’ll understand where I am and the changes I’ve gone through for the better.”

Long-time pal and producer Clive Davis is definitely on board with the new Whitney, offering his praise for I Look to You. “This album is really a very, very special one,” he says. Whitney finds meaning in lyrics and songs that the composers don’t even know was there. She is really an all-time artist.”

“I think [the album] is in the tradition of Clive and Whitney,” offers Whitney. “When we go through music, we look for great melodies and lyric. We look for songs that will stay in the hearts of people 20 years down the road. I try to put my gospel upbringing into all of my songs. I try to inspire.”

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