Katy Perry has achieved superstar status in her own right, with her fun, flashy concerts, crazy outfits and hit songs like "I Kissed a Girl." So who can make this pop princess all in a dither? Could it be Brad Pitt? Robert Pattinson? Prince?


Nope. It takes a rock legend to make Katy nervous!


"The amazing Brian May came out to my show in London last night and I was oh so flattered and nervous to play infront of him… especially my Queen cover," she dishes on her blog of meeting the icon.


"He was so sweet and my stalker side came out for sure… we had a photo session… and I wanted to share a picture with you of me and one of the men responsible for my love of music. If you haven’t gotten into the amazingness that was/is Queen get into it. FAT BOTTOM GIRLS YOU MAKE THIS ROCKING WORLD GO ROUND!"


Tell us how you really feel, Katy!

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