Some people go to singles bars, others try online dating. Apparently, Sherri Shepherd uses her gig co-hosting The View to pick up guys.

Sherri’s co-host on the popular daytime chatterfest, Whoopi Goldberg, admitted to OK! that it’s no coincidence that Sherri — who’s been a single lady since her 2007 divorce from Jeff Tarpley — gets so much attention from the male guests on their show.

“She’s kind of put it out there that she wants that,” Whoopi said at finance firm BGC’s 5th Annual Charity, where she and other celebs helped raise money for charities by conducting real trades. “So I don’t say jack.”

And, says Whoopi, you can’t blame a gal for trying.

“Let her get what she can, anywhere she can!”

It seems to be working too. Just take a look at legendary ladies’ man Russell Brand putting the moves on Sherri earlier this month!

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