When Whoopi Goldberg, 52, was announced as the newest co-host of The View on August 1, one of her first stops was a chat with OK! We joined Whoopi in the green room on the set of The View as she munched on a lunch that included a ham sandwich, potato chips and iced tea. What excites her most about dishing daily with Barbara Walters, 77, Joy Behar, 63, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30?’Finding out who is thinking what,’ the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony winner told OK! ‘Earlier today, Elisabeth made a brilliant point about breastfeeding. Apparently New York City is taking the complimentary formula out of the goody bag they give you at the hospital and putting in breast pumps. Now, what if you can’t breastfeed? Who wants to be told all the time that you’re doing something wrong because you can’t do what they tell you you’re supposed to be doing?’Whoopi continued, ‘Whether we’re going to agree on a lot of different stuff, I think we will, but there’s a lot of stuff we won’t agree on. That’s OK too. Today I just wanted to scream ëyou go girl!’ because she is somebody I like a lot. She has interesting opinions about a myriad of different things, so I like talking to her. I feel good about it. I love Joy, and I love Barbara. This is a great fit. It’s four great broads. Don’t tell [Barbara] I called her a broad!’Catch Whoopi on The View when she begins her stint September 4.By Valerie NomePhoto: Wireimage.com

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