Britney Spears is not known for her ability to keep a commitment. When OK! tried to sit down with her for an exclusive photo shoot and interview in July, she stayed only long enough to ruin or run off with $21,000 worth of designer duds before storming off.

She then pulled a similar stunt on Allure magazine, but it’s not only publications she has a hard time dealing with; There are a handful of widely reported musical commitments the pop star has made and broken. Former boyfriend Justin Timberlake was all set to do a duet with his ex, but she backed out. She left super producers Pharrell and Scott Storch in the lurch after setting several appointments to work together. Recently, she balked on a commitment to collaborate with R&B hitmaker Ne-Yo.

Given Brit’s long-documented history of bailing out, the question remains: Will she even show up Friday night for a scheduled appearance at Las Vegas nightclub LAX?’

An insider tells OK!, “Britney is supposed to be paid double what she received for her New Years Eve appearance and has already been paid half her fee prior to showing up and will receive the other half after she completes her appearance. She has to stay for an allotted period of time at the club and cannot be photographed at any other clubs.”

Another problem is where to put up the pop princess. “They usually put them up where the club is but Brit doesn’t want to stay at the Luxor.” Her pal tells OK!, “She’s very picky and prefers to stay at The Palms or The Venetian only. Right now they’re figuring out the best place to put her. They want her at the Luxor so they have a better chance at getting her from her room to the venue but Brit is being a brat and refuses to stay there.”

But the big concern is if Brit will even make it to her own party, “She’s not reliable at all. You have to tell her where to be and physically babysit her and make sure she goes.”

What is being done to make sure the princess of pop makes it to Vegas and attends her party: “Brit’s brother, Brian, has been a big part of making this LAX appearance happen.” According to an insider, “Brian is getting a percentage after Brit makes her appearance so he has a vested interest in making sure she goes through with her appearance.”

Another person pushing for Brit to honor her commitments is her new manager Jeff Kwatinez of The Firm. Jeff warned Britney not to back out of LAX and to behave herself while in Sin City. Pals of the Toxic singer tell OK!, “She’s not reliable but she hates disappointing people. She can pretend she’s in control all she wants but she’s a little girl who wants acceptance and to be praised by the few people she does let into her life.”

So what do you think? Will she show?
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