Victoria Beckham may be joining the ABC family when she guest stars on Ugly Betty, but hubby David Beckham sure isn’t. Desperate Housewives vixen Eva Longoria refutes rumors the soccer god will make an appearance on the show as one half of a gay couple — the other half being Robbie Williams.

“No… I talked to Victoria the other day,” Eva tells Extra in an interview to air Friday. “I told her about that rumor; she was laughing. David had a good laugh out of it. No, they are not coming on the show.”

One rumor that is true, she confirms, is that a major character will meet his or her end. “Someone does die, that’s all they said.”

The dark comedy returns for its fourth season on Sept. 30 and you can expect more action for Eva’s character, Gabrielle, the newlywed who hooked up with ex-husband Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) in the season finale. The 32-year-old has had her fair share of intimate scenes over the course of the series, which she thinks her new husband, Tony Parker, 25, isn’t too thrilled about.

“I’m not sure he’s happy with it, but he’s not the crazy husband about it… We don’t talk about it because it’s just not a comfortable thing to talk about. It [kissing] was weird for me before I was married. I hate the kissing… kissing is the most intimate thing."

Eva and Tony got hitched in his native Paris on July 7, but the two plan on settling down stateside in her home state of Texas once they start a family. "We both want to live in Texas. We’ll spend our summers in France. We want to do both, but they’ll be raised in America.”

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