Apparently Cannes is for lovers, as it could be inspiring Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt to get hitched!

“We’ll see. You never know what will happen," Doug hints to Extra. "We are in the South of France. You never know… We’re very happy. We’re having a lot of fun. We laugh. We love each other. Couldn’t ask for more.”

And the former alum of The Hills isn’t alone in his happiness with his blonde bombshell – Paris is pleased as punch with her latest beau.


“I’ve never been happier. We’re best friends," she gushes. "We have the best time together. We really enjoy life. We are so much alike. I’m happy.”

The socialite has changed Doug’s life, he admits.


"She’s everything I dreamt of and she’s an amazing girl and I’m having the most fun with her and she’s awesome.”

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