On the new juicy drama Dirty Sexy Money, William Baldwin is a transvestite-loving senator and an heir to a multibillion dollar fortune, but in real life, he’s just dad.

“It’s the greatest thing in my life,” Baldwin tells OK!, of being dad to his three children, Jamieson, 7, Vance, 6, and Brooke, 3, with wife Chynna Phillips.

The 44-year-old adds that he is so consumed with his family that he has no social life.

“I’ve got to get friends outside of my family," he jokes. "I’ve got to get hobbies outside of my family. Ever since my daughter was born seven years ago, all I do when I’m not working is hang out with my wife and kids.”

William and Chynna do make time for each other though. “My wife and I do have a date night,” he says. “We go out Wednesdays and Saturdays. Well, we always go out Saturdays.”

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