I celebrated Valentine’s Day by working late, debating unpacking and ultimately crashing on my couch and watching “Clueless” before passing out just after midnight. Long story short, Valentine’s Day was just another day for me, but…

I was given renewed hope that fate and fairy tale relationships exist by a couple I spent time with this week. I met Alexandria and Harlan on a Virgin America flight from San Francisco to San Diego. They met Dec. 30 on a Virgin America flight from New York to San Francisco. They sat next to each other. Harlan was moving from New York to San Francisco, Alexandria lived in San Fran and was going home. She called him and invited him to a New Year’s Eve party the day after the flight. He accepted. They kissed. They’ve been together ever since. Now they’re even maintaining a website of YouTube video clips documenting the journey of their budding relationship on wemetonvirgin.com.

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