By now we’re used to hearing about Amy Winehouse failing to show up for concerts.

But this weekend the chaotic singer even managed to miss her own birthday party.

Britain’s Sun newspaper is reporting that the Rehab star refused to leave her apartment to go to join friends at her 25th birthday celebration Saturday because she felt too ugly.

Apparently Amy turned away three taxi cabs that were sent to her home to take her to the do at London’s Jazz After Dark club, where guests including producer Mark Ronson and Amy’s mom Janis were waiting for her.

A friend of Amy’s was quoted in the paper as saying: "Amy was standing in front of the mirror telling everyone how rough she looked. Unfortunately her lifestyle has had a major affect on her appearance and it’s only just started to sink in.

"She kept saying she was ugly and was in an awful state. They couldn’t get her out."

The night ended with Amy getting in a huge row with her best friend, British singer Remi Nicole and Janis weeping over her daughter’s no-show.

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