There has never been a better time to go after what you want, rock a body you love and be your best self. It may be as simple as finding a new style or changing up your workout routine. A few changes can lead to major transformations. Incorporate the tips below from nutrition and performance-enhancement specialist Nora Tobin to look and feel fabulous in 2016!

This fitness routine combines total body exercises and high-intensity intervals to burn fat, build lean muscles and fire up the metabolism

Perform this routine three times per week. Complete 20 reps of each exercise, three times.

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Single Leg Bridge

Step 1: Lie on your back with knees bent and feet hip-width apart. Lift left leg straight up. Begin to lift and lower hips off the floor without swinging the legs.
Step 2: Maintain a long spine and strong core the entire time. Repeat the movement for 30 seconds each side.



Lunge Pulse

Step 1: Stand with left foot forward and right foot back. Turn toes to face forward. Deeply bend both knees until your back knee hovers over the floor.

Step 2: Move up a few inches and then drop back down. Maintain front knee over ankle and keep torso upright.


Push-up Pulses

Step 1: Come into a push-up position, with hands wider than shoulder width. Extend legs directly back to straight or knees bent on the floor.

Step 2: Deeply bend your arms, and lower down until chest hovers over the floor. Raise up an inch, then down an inch, keeping the range of motion short. Keep core engaged and back straight.

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