With the writers’ strike likely to stretch out over the coming weeks and months, television actors from Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, 24 and countless other shows will be left with plenty of free time. What’s a TV actor to do?

OK! offers suggestions for what actors like The Office‘s John Krasinski and Ugly Betty‘s America Ferrera should do during their “involuntary hiatus.”

1. Pick up a second job. Maybe it’s time to add -model or -singer to your resume. You’ve always wanted to record an adult contemporary album, right? Take a nod from well-known TV actor/singers like Don Johnson and Eddie Murphy — who could forget “My Girl Wants to (Party All the Time)? — and book out some studio time. We hear Scott Storch will work with anyone for the right price — and a new pair of sunglasses.

2. Head to the Great White Way and cop a part on Broadway. Jen Garner’s doing it, so is Claire Danes — and both of them are TV expats. B- and C-listers should head to off-off-Broadway and dinner theater (“You want fries with that bit part?”). When your TV show is back on the air, you can airily remark that you were “perfecting your craft” in the off-season.

3. Take a clue from Brangelina and get on the international adoption wagon. There are still thousands of orphaned kids available that Brangie hasn’t managed to snatch up — yet.

4. Start a blog. John Mayer has one. Rosie has one. We hear blogs are going to be really big. You can find them on the Internet — also catching on.

5. Commit a crime. It’s hard to stay in the spotlight when your show’s stuck in reruns! Maybe it’s time to step up your profile by assaulting the nail salon girl (Foxy!); throwing your phone at your assistant (Naomi!); or driving under the influence (Paris, Lindsay, the cast of Lost — we’re talking about you.)

6. Start dating your co-star. Nothing like an off-off-air romance with an on-air co-star to keep you warm on those cold strike nights. See: Hayden Panetierre’s maybe-screenmance with Heroes costar Milo Ventimiglia or Lost co-stars Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan.


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