Two of High School Musical 3: Senior Year stars, Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale, sat down for an interview–with each other–where they revealed some of their favorite moments from making the third film, which hits theaters on Oct. 24.

"I think the music is even better [in HSM3] than the first two [movies]," Ashley revealed on’s Artist on Artist.  "The musical numbers are huge, the production value is insane."

"I think it’s all made for a much bigger screen," says Efron. "Things are just going to jump off the screen for everybody.  I feel like we had a lot more to do [in HSM3] , and we worked a lot harder."   He pauses before adding with a smirk,  "You got a lot better too, cause in the first movie, I mean you were alright…." (he makes a s0-so gesture with his hand.)  Ashley laughs, "Yeah, you did too!"

One of the most anticipated storylines involving the HSM3 seniors is what happens to Efron’s character Troy and his on-screen sweetheart played by Vanessa Hudgens.

"In the third movie, you really get to see them fall more deeply in love," Zac reveals.  "I think it’s great. They’re perfect for each other.  It’s fun to play off Vanessa, we have a great time."

Even though this is their third HSM film, Ashley and Zac admit they still get nervous.

"I drink a lot of water," the actress admits.  "That calms my nerves. It’s something I’ve always done–all my auditions, whenever I got really nervous I’d just have a lot of water and I’d be fine."

So what about Zac?  "I just think my nerves are the energy that I’m going to use…especially when performing in High School Musical.  All that nervous energy beforehand is actually just creative, constructive energy–you have to just think of it that way."

He looks at Ashley and then utters, "You’re making me laugh, I can’t answer this!"

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