Onsego Review: Shattering GED Myths

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Jun. 28 2024, Published 1:07 a.m. ET

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Having a GED diploma is becoming a new norm. Celebrities, influencers, and even politicians proudly hold a GED diploma, showing that it is a respected and valuable achievement.

So, we reviewed Onsego, one of the most popular online GED courses.

Onsego is well-known among people who want to get their GED because it’s simple and offers a fresh approach.

Instead of long, boring lessons like any traditional learning program has, Onsego offers a lot of short, quick videos that include just the most important information. Onsego understands the changing dynamic that getting a GED is just a choice, not a sign of “struggling” with school.

The GED test is America’s most widely used high school equivalency test. It consists of four separate, modular sub-exams covering English Language, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science. Upon attaining sufficient results on these modules, the test-takers will be awarded their state's high school or high school equivalent secondary education credential.

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What is Onsego?

Onsego is an online GED Prep platform that develops and publishes affordable courses that help students prepare for the entirely computerized GED test. GED Testing Service, the official GED organization, recognizes Onsego’s GED programs as fully aligned with the current GED test as one of just twenty online courses. This makes Onsego one of the most sought-after programs, and the good thing is that Onsego’s programs are among the most affordable options available on the market!

GED is a Choice: Celebrities and Politicians with a GED

Getting a GED instead of a high school diploma becomes a choice. As they say, there are many ways to get to Rome. Nowadays, to be successful, people can choose to pass four GED subject tests instead of completing high school. Many actors, actresses, musicians, politicians, and other celebrities are GED graduates. Here are some well-known names:

Lauren Boebert – United States Representative Colorado

Christina Applegate – Actress

Nicolas Cage – American actor & film producer

Richard Carmona – Former United States Surgeon General

Jim Carrey – Canadian-American actor & comedian

Michael J. Fox – Canadian-American actor & activist

Peter Jennings – Journalist & News Anchor

Waylon Jennings – American singer-songwriter & musician

Angelina Jolie – American actress and filmmaker

Lindsay Lohan – American actress and singer-songwriter

Chris Rock – American actor and comedian

Christian Slater – American actor

Dave Thomas – Founder of Wendy’s

So, you see, having a GED is definitely not something that will hold you back from achieving great things in life!

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Importance of Obtaining a GED for Many Adults

In the contemporary job market, just about every position requires applicants to hold at least a secondary education degree (a high school or equivalent diploma). Individuals without this degree often struggle to find decent employment or well-paying jobs.

With a GED (General Education Development) diploma, they will qualify for better jobs, advancement in their current positions, and well-paying employment.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a GED or high school diploma make, on average, at least $9800 more annually than workers without a secondary education degree. The GED diploma also qualifies for a college education in the same way as a high school diploma, and test-takers achieving high GED scores may even qualify for college credit. Estimates are that some 40 million people in the U.S. do not hold a secondary degree, and that number is only growing! Onsego’s programs aim to help drastically reduce that number.

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Understanding GED Stigmas

While some stigmas associated with the GED persist due to misconceptions from earlier versions, the modern GED test is a challenging and respected assessment, equivalent to a high school diploma.

Today, the fact is that forty percent of all U.S. high school graduates will not be able to pass the exam on their first try!

Post-secondary education institutions and employers accept the GED diploma in the same way as a conventional high school degree.

Understandably, it will take some time for GED stigmas to disappear entirely, but the passing standards on the current GED test are set at a level that makes the GED a respected high school equivalent degree again!

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Onsego’s Approach to GED Preparation

Onsego approaches the GED exam and its curriculum differently than most other GED courses that present the curriculum in long sessions. Onsego believes that students will retain the quite complex information associated with the GED test better if they are presented with short bits of information that cover one GED topic at a time. Many online GED courses have lengthy lessons that cover so much of the study material at a time that the students will only difficultly grasp everything covered.

So, Onsego has cut up the full GED curriculum into tiny portions. The course includes numerous video lessons that cover one GED topic at a time, and after each short lesson, there’s a short practice test so the students can check whether they understand the topic.

Onsego is Flexible and Accessible

Onsego’s GED program is highly flexible and accessible. Students who sign up can access all GED subject matter right away and in any order they want. This really makes sense, as the four GED sub-exams can be taken in any order. Students can decide for themselves in which order they want to learn all the material. The video lessons and practice tests can be accessed on any device and at any location with Internet access, making Onsego’s GED prep course highly flexible and accessible! Students using Onsego show exceptionally high success rates on the GED test. For testimonials from Onsego students, go to, where many students explain how they benefitted from the program.

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Onsego’s Positive Approach

Onsego actively engages in the destigmatization of the GED and GED graduates by promoting positive narratives about the GED exam and diploma holders through collaborating with educational institutions and employers to recognize the value of the GED. Onsego supports community initiatives and awareness campaigns to reduce the stigmas associated with a GED. The contemporary GED is no longer the “Good Enough Diploma.”

In many colleges and universities, GED holders outperform high school grads, so the GED can be considered a worthy alternative to a common high school diploma. Onsego has integrated principles of positive psychology into its teaching method and actively boosts students’ confidence through its step-by-step approach and bonus courses to build up the student’s motivation and self-esteem. Onsego strives to build a respectful and supportive environment, avoiding negative terms like “struggling” or “not understanding.” Using positive associations to encourage students to pass the challenging GED test is a proven way for success!

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In Conclusion

Getting a GED is a new norm, and with the Onsego online course, it’s easy.

The program has a distinct impact on GED destigmatization as it emphasizes the opportunities for GED graduates rather than indicating how difficult it may seem to pass the GED test.

Another great feature is that students who register for Onsego’s Advantage Plans get a number of interesting bonuses. They receive a free Calculator Course to help them pass math, a very useful Quitting Protection Course, and GED Ready vouchers for the GED practice test that predicts if they are likely to pass the real exam or require more time to prepare.

The Importance of GED Destigmatization

Due to the recent pandemic, when many schools had to close their doors, and more and more parents have decided to homeschool their children. However, not all of these parents meet their states’ requirements to issue their children a high school diploma.

For these students, taking and passing the four GED sub-exams is probably the best and fastest way to obtain a secondary education degree.

Often, these students are relatively well-educated, and passing the GED test will only require them to review the study material and work on their basic skills. Onsego is the perfect solution for these students because the course contains so-called “Can-I-Skip-It” modules where students can see if they have mastered certain areas sufficiently and can move on to the next section.

It is crucial that the GED exam and GED graduates are destigmatized! Although this has improved significantly over recent years, there are still schools and government departments (particularly in the armed forces) where GED holders are still regarded as tier-2 applicants compared to regular high school graduates.

GED holders have demonstrated that they command knowledge and skills at a level comparable to that of high school seniors upon graduation. Wouldn’t it be high time that all academic and professional sectors recognized this achievement?

Some states (for example, Illinois) even decided to award students who pass the GED test with regular high school diplomas. No more stigmatization; that’s the way to go, wouldn’t you agree? Hopefully, more states will follow soon so that the differences between a high school degree and an equivalent diploma disappear forever!

Like a regular high school diploma, the GED is great for personal and professional growth. The modern-day GED is not an endpoint but a stepping stone toward further education, better employment, and personal development.


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