Tatiana Zabalueva: 'Nutritionology Is the Basis of a Healthy Body and Well-Being'

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Jan. 19 2024, Published 3:36 a.m. ET

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Tatiana Zabalueva is the author of a unique program for weight correction without harm to health. The nutritionist has proved by personal example the effectiveness of her methods, the effectiveness of which is becoming more and more people every day. The technology of weight correction and wellness has been patented, and also presented for the award "Innovations of the 3rd millennium"! What path Tatiana had to go through to get a really working weight loss formula, we will find out in this interview.

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Tatiana, good afternoon! Tell us why you decided to become a nutritionist? How much have your health problems influenced your choice of a life's work?

I have been doing nutritionology for more than six years. My journey began with my personal weight problems and as a result with my health. My mother and grandmother are chefs, it's not hard to guess that the table was always covered with "first-second-compote". Mom and grandma were always full, up to 100 kg. By the age of 20, I felt such a weight on me. Before that, I had no problems with my skin or with my health in general. But after that, I rapidly began to gain weight – about 25 kg in a year! I didn't understand what the problem was. My mother and grandmother only said that I "took after them", that our female line has always been full. I didn't want to put up with it. I refused to understand that the reason for the huge weight could be food. After all, everyone around eats what they want and nothing. And I loved to eat both day and night. And even in any quantities. So I started to think that I had a hormonal malfunction. I went to different doctors: endocrinologists, nutritionists. But they couldn't offer me anything sensible in terms of treatment. I was diagnosed with obesity and insulin resistance and prescribed a strict diet in which I could not eat anything.

I remember quite clearly the day when I came to the restaurant and realized that I couldn't order anything, because all the restaurant dishes went beyond my diet. The only thing I could afford was a thin tomato soup. I have a hormonal malfunction, what does food have to do with it? I was convinced that the doctor was incompetent. I continued to go to the doctors and try different diets. I signed up for the best gym, hired the best "star" coach.There was a feeling that only the stars had secret knowledge that the middle class should not know. It didn't work.

In 2014, I had atopic dermatitis. It got to the point where my eyelids started to crack until they bled! No doctor helped me. Russia, America, Europe – as if no one had ever encountered such diseases. So I decided to figure out my problems on my own.In 2015, I seriously took care of myself: I stopped "piecing together", removed foods with a high glycemic index from my diet, and became interested in research on the topic of excess weight. Things have gone up the hill. I lost about 23 kg. But the skin problems didn't go away. Then I started doing research on this topic. I realized that I suffer from an autoimmune disease and began to look for ways to cure it. I understood that these are chronic diseases that cannot be cured. However, the work of some professors gave me hope. They gave me the opportunity to delve into the essence of autoimmune diseases and overcome atopic dermatitis in just a year! I was able to cope with this disease on my own. I turned only to the principles of healthy eating, without resorting to medications. And for 5 years now I have not had any, even the slightest, manifestations of dermatitis.

Your pursuit of a better version of yourself deserves attention and great praise! And how did your program originate? Who were the first testers?

You know, living in Russia, my husband and I had our own business. The team is very friendly. Everyone knew about my problem. And when my husband and I dropped more than 20 kg each at once, I began to receive requests for help in losing weight. Our way of life has changed, however, from the outside people did not notice it. We still went to restaurants and didn't exercise. Our results were shocking. The girlfriends insisted on creating a chat where they dropped recipes and photos of food. They asked what they could eat and what they should refrain from eating. I suggested it. Back then, I was still closely involved in another business, so I wasn't going to spend a lot of time "mentoring" others in terms of weight correction. Until one day a good family friend approached me with the words: "Tanya, the world won't forgive you for this if you don't launch your program and give people the opportunity to live in their best shape without grueling diets and workouts." I was also strongly advised to patent the technology and start educating the masses.

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Tatiana, share the first result of your work already as a mentor in terms of weight correction.

After moving to America, I faced the first serious case in my practice. The young guy suffered from an excess weight of 160 kg and could not even lose a couple of kilograms. After 4 months of following my program, the young man weighed already ... kg! After that, I started taking people and helping them change. Very soon I realized that I was physically unable to lead so many people and began to think about more. That's how the idea to create your first marathon was born. Without advertising, PR and similar customer engagement. There were enough of them already, we were just trying to accumulate knowledge and strength to help as many people as possible.

The story did not end at one marathon, customers began to move from marathon to marathon. However, this method of interaction seemed ineffective to me. After all, as soon as the marathon ended, everything flew out of my head. People were returning to their usual way of life. The weight is also returning. I realized that people need to be educated and created a large project written in simple language. Currently, my program has the status of "Innovation of the 3rd Millennium" in Europe, which indicates its uniqueness and effectiveness.

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We know that you have opened your own Academy for training nutritionists based on your program! Tell us about the benefits of studying at your institution.

The National Academy of Nutrition (NAN) differs in many ways from "their own kind". Firstly, one of our main advantages is the international diploma that we issue upon graduation. This is a document of the European state standard on specialized education, which is valid and appreciated everywhere.

Secondly, we teach people the unique author's technology of weight correction and wellness. Many establishments operate according to the theory of calorie counting. However, this hypothesis has been tested for more than 200 years and there is still no consensus on its effectiveness. I do not intend to use such theories in my work, because I know the consequences. We don't weigh food or count calories.

Thirdly, in our work we do not force clients to engage in physical activities. The program is based solely on nutrition – a competent combination of products and their preparation. We remove a maximum of 13 foods from the general diet, rather than putting people on strict diets. Observing the correct principles of eating allows you not only to quickly lose weight (5-6 kg per month), but also to improve your health. These results are then clearly demonstrated in the analyses.

The next advantage is the fact that I give all my students the right to use my methodology completely free of charge, despite the fact that this is an author's technology, for which my copyrights are properly registered. I am interested in nurturing competent professionals who can bring real benefits to their clients.

And fifth, training at the National Academy of Nutrition (NAN) is based on practice. I have not practiced so often in any institution where I studied (and I studied many places). From the very first week, newly minted nutritionists take their wards and work with them. Of course, under the close supervision of curators. Lectures and learning blocks include real-life case studies of people that students analyze together with teachers. An important competitive feature of the Academy is the fact that we work with real analyses. Students build wellness strategies in accordance with the available analyses, they learn to restore the human body "from the inside."

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Tatiana, you mentioned that there are many places where you studied. Which educational institutions have you graduated from? Did this experience help in the formation of your Academy?

Among the universities, first of all, I would like to mention Stanford. Studying there has brought a lot of benefits, but at the same time I have learned for myself the disadvantages of education that my Academy does not have.For example, they do not work with laboratory diagnostic tests. Because without a doctor's appointment, a person cannot take certain tests. For the National Academy of Nutrition (NAN), I solved this problem and got access to laboratory research. We calmly give directions and people go to take the tests we need. In America and Europe, nutritionists are trained without laboratory diagnostics, which in my opinion is a big omission. It is necessary to understand the analyses and look at the symptoms before starting weight correction and recovery. Otherwise, the program will not have the desired effect.

It is true that in many institutions that are currently functioning there is no practice. Students complete test tasks, watch several lectures and receive a diploma. The question is, will such a specialist be able to provide qualified assistance? I think not.

How do you see the future of the National Academy of Nutrition (NAN)? What plans and tasks do you set for yourself?

We graduate more than 1,000 students per year. We are not going to stop at this figure, and every year more and more students at NAN become qualified nutritionists! Without nutrition, the world will simply lose strong, healthy and slim people. Because it is the basis of a healthy body and well-being. I am sure that interest in this sought-after profession will be great for many, many years to come. Regarding the future of the Academy, I can say for sure that in the near future I will open several more areas of study, including children's nutrition.

In addition, I am now doing everything possible to start the International Association of Nutritionists with headquarters in London. Nutritionology should always keep up with the times, so I plan to create the largest center for professional development and exchange of experience on the basis of the Association.


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