The Game Changers: 2024's Top 15 Entrepreneurial Minds

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May 22 2024, Published 1:38 a.m. ET

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Want to see the future of entrepreneurship? Meet the 15 innovators who are making a significant impact across various industries. From technology advancements to social initiatives, these leaders are driving change in their communities and beyond.

From veteran support initiatives to groundbreaking tech startups, these entrepreneurs are setting new benchmarks and leading the way in 2024.

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Eric Louis Power


Eric Louis Power, a US Navy veteran and USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, has dedicated his post-military life to empowering fellow veterans and their families. His journey from serving in operations like Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom to championing veterans' rights through his company since 2015 highlights his commitment to community and country. Power has successfully redirected over $15 million monthly back into the hands of veterans, aiding over 17,000 individuals in navigating VA disability benefits.

Apart from his ventures in veteran support, Eric is channeling his entrepreneurial spirit into cultivating a sense of community and sustenance in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. His initiative to establish a network of coffee shops, restaurants, and bars, coupled with a groundbreaking endeavor to provide meals at no charge, reflects a deep-seated desire to give back and foster a nurturing environment for the local populace. His dedication extends to humanitarian work with local orphanages, contributing to the welfare and safety of children in the region.

Eric Louis Power's multifaceted career—as a serviceman, author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian—paints the picture of a man undeterred by challenges, always looking to the horizon for the next opportunity to make a difference. His upcoming solo book promises to be yet another tool in his arsenal to support and guide military personnel through their post-service lives. For those looking to draw inspiration from Eric's journey or to stay updated on his multifarious projects, follow him on Instagram @eric.l.power and visit his website at

David Feldman


David Feldman, founder of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), has deep roots in Philadelphia’s boxing world. He launched BKFC in 2018, marking the first sanctioned bare-knuckle fighting event in the United States in over a century. Despite facing initial skepticism and regulatory challenges, David’s relentless perseverance not only overcame these hurdles but also propelled BKFC to acclaim within the combat sports community.

Under David’s leadership, BKFC has seen significant growth and is planning an ambitious expansion in 2024. Plans are underway to host 42 events across nine countries, including the United Kingdom, Thailand, Bulgaria, Canada, Africa, and Mexico. This expansion has attracted investment interest from the Middle East and raised BKFC's profile among celebrities.

David’s strategic acumen is now steering BKFC into new territories such as reality television, illustrating his intent to weave bare-knuckle boxing into the fabric of mainstream entertainment. His commitment goes beyond entrepreneurial success; it is about honoring the sport’s legacy while ensuring the safety and integrity of its fighters.

David Feldman’s impact on combat sports is a testament to his dedication and innovative spirit, deeply rooted in a storied family tradition of boxing. His journey from a passionate boxing enthusiast in Philadelphia to a global sports innovator showcases a tireless commitment to redefining the boundaries of combat sports.

For the latest on David Feldman and the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, follow his updates on social media or visit BKFC’s official website.

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Michael Melicia


Michael Melicia, the Founder and CEO of Coastal Paving & Excavating Inc., embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and industry innovation in the paving and excavating sector. His journey from the ground up to leading an industry-leading enterprise is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, strategic foresight, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in every project undertaken. Under his leadership, Coastal Paving & Excavating Inc. has set new standards for quality, reliability, and precision across municipal, commercial, and residential projects in Monterey County, California.

Michael’s approach to business is deeply rooted in a philosophy that combines hard-earned industry expertise with a passion for continuous improvement and innovation. This has propelled his company to become a leader in the industry, establishing him as a thought leader in the field. His ability to navigate complex projects with ease and deliver results that consistently exceed client expectations is a testament to his skill and dedication. Beyond the technical aspects, Michael is committed to sustainability and community development, ensuring that every project contributes positively to the environment and the local community.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Michael is a staunch advocate for mentorship and education within the industry. Through initiatives like the MilitiaMindset program, he conducts regular sessions dedicated to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Sharing insights and lessons from his own journey, Michael aims to inspire and guide them towards achieving their own successes. To follow Michael's journey and learn more about his ventures and insights on entrepreneurship, visit

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Jody Boehmer


Jody Boehmer, the spirited force behind the @MuayThaiJody social media persona, has carved a unique niche in the beauty and skincare industry, blending her graphic design expertise with an unwavering passion for product discovery and review. Jody's foray into the world of beauty began innocuously in 2017, with her hobby of reviewing free samples on social media platforms. Unbeknownst to her at the time, this humble beginning would set the stage for a transformative journey into becoming a sought-after content creator, bridging the gap between brands and a growing community of beauty enthusiasts.

Her approach to content creation is characterized by an authentic, insightful, and engaging dialogue with her audience, establishing Jody as a trustworthy voice in the beauty and skincare domain. Her dedication to transparency and the genuine love for what she does shine through every post and review, fostering a loyal and enthusiastic following. As Jody's platform evolved, so did her skills, particularly in photography, further enhancing the visual appeal of her content and deepening her connection with her audience.

Looking ahead, Jody envisions a future where her brand is synonymous with integrity, creativity, and community. She aims to solidify long-term partnerships with like-minded brands and creators, expanding her influence and delivering value to a broader audience. Jody's commitment to her core values of honesty, transparency, and innovation positions her brand for continued growth and success in the dynamic landscape of social media and beauty. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs—to embrace challenges as opportunities and to remain steadfast in the pursuit of their unique vision—reflects her journey's ethos. To dive into Jody's world of beauty discovery and connect with her vibrant community, follow her on Instagram at @muaythaijody, TikTok @muaythaijody_, and explore her insights and adventures at

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Carlo Cisco


Carlo Cisco, Founder & CEO of Select, stands at the forefront of redefining lifestyle and concierge services through innovation and an unwavering commitment to enriching lives. His entrepreneurial journey, marked by a blend of financial acumen and a passion for creating unparalleled experiences, has catapulted Select into a global leader in its field.

Starting as a finance major at the University of Miami, Cisco's flair for entrepreneurship was ignited by successfully running a large-scale event planning and promotion business. His adeptness at investing, highlighted by a profitable early investment in Apple, laid the groundwork for a diverse career spanning equity trading in New York to pivotal roles at Groupon in Japan, contributing to its rapid ascent as the fastest-growing company in history by revenue.

Cisco's journey took a significant turn when he founded FoodFan, only to later pivot his focus to launching Select—a digital membership platform offering exclusive access to a vast network of over 1.3 million global locations. Select distinguishes itself by providing its members with unmatched benefits and experiences, from priority access and significant savings at premier dining and nightlife venues to exclusive perks with leading travel and lifestyle brands.

Driven by a philosophy of enhancing people's lives through "unmatched ease, value, and experiences," Cisco envisions Select's exponential growth, leveraging AI and technology to merge financial services with lifestyle offerings. His goal is to expand Select's membership to over 500,000, providing a comprehensive suite of services that cater to an elite global community.

For more about Cisco and Select's journey, follow him on platforms like X, LinkedIn, and Instagram, where he shares insights into the future of luxury, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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Elle Ullmann


Elle Ullmann seamlessly blends her entrepreneurial DNA with a fervent passion for culture and technology. As the founder of Combat Sports Agency, Elle has charted a path that is as diverse as it is impactful, building a conglomerate that spans tech, media, and elite sports. With a foundation laid in her early days at Drexel Burnham and enriched by global experiences and familial entrepreneurial spirit, Elle's journey has been anything but conventional. Her ventures, including investments in Esports, action and waters sports ventures like Hashtag Board Co and RU3, as well as music and influencer-driven projects like SULT and Dad Life Jason, all reflect her knack for identifying and nurturing youth culture, driven by a deep belief in the creativity and rebellious spirit of the younger generation.

Combat Sports Agency, under Elle's leadership, is pioneering as the first all-women founded combat sports marketing agency. This initiative empowers athletes to build their brands beyond the ring, ensuring they become household names and leave a legacy that transcends their accomplishments in the ring. Elle’s approach is holistic, focusing on the longevity and marketability of their personal brands, transforming fighters into enduring icons in sports and beyond. Recognizing that all great brands are authentic, credible, and aspirational, Elle’s strategies are about creating value that resonates well beyond the immediate thrill of sports, fostering long-term partnerships that benefit both athletes and the sports community. More specifically, Elle partners with best-in-class operators creating new product verticals and revenue streams while expanding and cultivating each fighter’s unique brand universe.

Elle’s vision for the next few years is clear and ambitious. With plans to establish Combat Sports Agency as the premier combat sports marketing agency in the U.S., she is driven by a mission to place athletes at the forefront of their own brand narratives. This vision is coupled with her ongoing commitment to education through initiatives like Titan Traders and the growth of ELLEVERSE, a metaverse platform embodying female empowerment. For those drawn to the dynamism of Elle Ullmann’s world, from aspiring entrepreneurs to sports enthusiasts, connect with her via her website or follow her journey on social media at @elleullmann on Instagram and Twitter, where the fusion of business acumen and creative enterprise continues to inspire and innovate.

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Sean McRae aka Sean Frost


Meet Sean McRae aka Sean Frost, the Founder & CEO behind Live Like They Dream and I Am Sean Frost. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Sean’s entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to create a diverse portfolio that spans real estate, custom home building, music production, and entertainment management.

Sean began his career journey as a music producer while he was still attending high school, which laid a robust foundation for his ventures. Today, he leads the Sean Frost Real Estate Team, a top-tier real estate team that thrives under his guidance. Additionally, he spearheads "Live Like They Dream," a venture that focuses on real estate and the construction of custom homes through his licensed building companies, Black River Homes and Elm Homes. This venture reflects Sean’s deep commitment to providing more than just homes; he aims to create personalized living spaces that inspire and uplift, ensuring that each project resonates with the dreams and aspirations of his clients.

Beyond bricks and mortar, Sean dives into the rhythm of the music industry with I Am Sean Frost Inc., managing artists like TwoTiime and JSTN DMND. His creativity doesn't stop at music; he’s also involved in managing a rising star, Joshua Bishop, in professional wrestling, embodying his knack for recognizing and nurturing talent across diverse fields.

A staunch advocate for community engagement, Sean is a proud partner of Atletico Ottawa and actively supports local organizations like CHEO and The Ottawa Boys and Girls Club. His contributions to the community through sports earned him Volkswagen Canada's Gamechangers award in 2022, underscoring his impact off the business field.

Driven by a passion that transcends the typical 9-5 constraints, Sean’s vision for the future includes relentless hustle with a balanced focus on legacy building and community giving. His philosophy for life and business—be passionate, patient, and relentless—guides all his professional undertakings and personal engagements.

For those looking to follow Sean's journey or connect with him, you can find him sharing insights and inspirations on Instagram at @iamseanfrost, where he’s most active.

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Jason Wojo


Jason Wojo is the force behind Wojo Media, transforming it into a successful digital advertising agency with $122 million generated for clients. As Founder, his knack for spotting trends and crafting innovative strategies has propelled the agency to industry prominence.

What sets Jason apart is how he’s turned Wojo Media into more than just a profit-making enterprise. He’s the brain behind Scale Your Ads, a key event for ad professionals worldwide, attracting over 1,800 attendees monthly. This event knits together a community, shares insights, and sets the stage for others to excel.

Jason has recently authored a book titled "Ads That Sell," which is quickly becoming a go-to guide for paid traffic in 2024. Over 12,297 copies have been sold, and for a limited time, Jason is offering a free copy. The book dives deep into creating ads that convert, providing a step-by-step roadmap backed by Jason’s extensive experience and success in the field.

At the heart of Wojo Media under Jason’s leadership is a blend of business acumen and a genuine drive to uplift the digital marketing community. This combination has made Wojo Media a valuable resource for marketers everywhere.

To catch a glimpse of Jason’s world or to dive into the digital marketing deep end, check out Wojo Media’s website or follow him on Instagram @thejasonwojo.

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Christen Sachs


Christen Sachs, Managing Director at Nest Seekers International Rumson, combines her extensive media expertise with her real estate acumen. With over two decades of experience, Christen has transformed how properties are presented and marketed, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

At Nest Seekers International, a global real estate firm, Christen leverages her unique blend of skills to enhance property visibility and engage potential buyers worldwide. Her approach goes beyond traditional methods by incorporating advanced technologies such as videography and AI, making each listing not just seen but experienced. Christen’s strategies ensure properties resonate emotionally with buyers, elevating the buying experience.

Christen’s vision extends well beyond just selling homes; she aims to quadruple her business's revenue by integrating her real estate endeavors with a newly launched media business, Driven Media. This venture underscores her commitment to enhancing brand and property narratives, further enriching the client experience. "My goal is to blend media innovation with real estate expertise to create unmatched value and service," Christen states.

Looking forward, Christen plans to grow her operations regionally and eventually nationally, bringing her signature blend of integrity, accountability, and excellence to a broader audience. She remains committed to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of her clients and enhancing the real estate market through her innovative approach. To learn more about Christen, click here.

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Aryan Rashed


Aryan Rashed is the founder and CEO of TREMBLE, a unique fitness brand that merges the intensity of strength training with the finesse of Pilates into a transformative 50-minute workout. Designed to cater to everyone from beginners to professional athletes, TREMBLE started its journey in South Florida and has since expanded across the West Coast and New York, now boasting over 20 locations. Under Aryan's leadership, TREMBLE isn't just growing in numbers but also becoming a key player in the fitness community, known for its engaging and effective workouts.

TREMBLE has been making waves recently with features on Fox in New York City and the Today Show, highlighting its growing influence in the fitness world. This media recognition validates the hard work and dedication of Aryan and her team, proving that their commitment to quality and community wellness stands out. Moreover, the excitement continues as TREMBLE partners with SOULCYCLE at the Barn this summer, promising even more thrilling workout experiences.

Aryan’s motivation comes from a deep desire to impact people’s lives positively. She created TREMBLE as a space where physical and mental health are top priorities—a place where challenges are embraced, and "I can't" turns into "I can." Driven by a passion for excellence and making a real difference, Aryan invites you to join the TREMBLE movement. Experience how empowering a great workout can be and how it transforms not just your body, but also your spirit. Get in touch with Aryan and TREMBLE on social media or check out their website here.

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Larisa Miller


Meet Larisa Miller, the CEO at the helm of Phoenix Global Group Holdings, Inc., leading initiatives in diverse industries from technology and transportation to agriculture. From her roots on a farm in central Pennsylvania to pivotal roles with royal families and governmental leaders around the world, Larisa has carved a unique path in international business, particularly in sustainable development, agriculture and technology. Today, she leads initiatives across the globe, leveraging her deep expertise to foster economic growth and innovation in emerging markets.

Under her leadership, Phoenix Global, based in both Miami and Abu Dhabi, reflects her vision of a connected, sustainable world where business meets social impact. The company thrives under her strategy of integrating advanced technologies and strategic growth in the GCC/MENA and African regions, ensuring projects that drive critical infrastructure development and economic integration.

Larisa, alongside partner, H.E. Mohammed Al Muhairi, aligns governments and businesses in Middle Eastern and African markets with global economic currents through sustainable and innovative growth strategies and development projects. Her work focuses on crafting a future where economic development and social empowerment go hand in hand, advocating for ESG principles, specifically promoting leadership for youth and women globally.

Looking forward, Larisa envisions Phoenix Global expanding its influence, driving more projects, and continuing to be a key player in innovative solutions in the world’s fastest-growing markets. Her goal is not just to participate in the global market but to actively shape its future through thoughtful leadership and strategic foresight.

To connect with Larisa or learn more about her impactful work, visit Phoenix Global’s website at, follow her insights on LinkedIn, or engage with her journey on Instagram @larisa_b_miller.

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Aaron Hageman


Aaron Hageman, the driving force behind Hageman Enterprises and an experienced business management and advisory consultant. Formerly steering the helm at Delivery Drivers, Inc., Aaron has spent over two decades refining his expertise, from boots-on-the-ground roles to high-level executive positions. Today, he stands as a renowned speaker and an authoritative figure on building high-performance teams and the future of work.

Aaron's journey is nothing short of inspirational, chronicled vividly in his debut book, "From Dropout to Delivery Kingpin." It's a tale of a college dropout who, for just one dollar, took a gamble on a struggling delivery service and transformed it into a titan industry player, eventually catching the eye of retail giant Walmart. This book is more than his story—it’s a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to carve out their own path in the entrepreneurial world.

Hageman Enterprises, under Aaron's seasoned guidance, is more than just a consulting firm. It’s a launchpad for businesses striving to scale new heights. With his profound insights into organizational growth and strategic foresight, Aaron is a beacon for startups and established firms aiming to excel in a competitive landscape.

The future is bright and bustling for Aaron. As he navigates a mix of public speaking, mentoring, and promoting his book, he plans to deepen his impact in the business community. His vision includes expanding his reach by helping more organizations to thrive under his tutelage and continuing to share his journey and strategies through various media and speaking engagements.

For a closer look at Aaron Hageman's work or to get in touch, follow him on Instagram @hagemanenterprises, connect on LinkedIn, visit, or keep an eye out for updates on his groundbreaking book and upcoming ventures.

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Dustin Mangas


Meet Dustin Mangas, the guy who’s making waves across Miami's bustling business landscape. With a resume that dips into real estate, health and wellness, and tech, Dustin’s the epitome of a modern-day renaissance man. Whether he’s chatting on the People Project podcast or mapping out his next big move, his journey is more than just a series of business wins—it's about personal growth and genuinely wanting to uplift his community.

Dustin’s at the forefront of PURE Executive Health & Wellness, steering the ship with a mix of passion and foresight. His mission? To push the boundaries of what health and wellness services can look like, meshing top-tier tech with unparalleled care. Plus, his savvy investments in property and tech are setting benchmarks that others in the game can only hope to reach. It’s clear that for Dustin, business isn't just about profit—it's about fostering well-being and setting a new standard for success.

Looking forward, Dustin's aiming to broaden his impact in the health space and to strategically step back from some of his tech ventures. He's all about carving out a rep as a top authority in wellness, driving his projects with a spirit of endless enhancement and, importantly, having a good time doing it. His advice to budding entrepreneurs? Keep chasing your vision with undying energy and enjoy every step of the way. Dustin's path isn't just a roadmap for business achievement—it’s proof that true satisfaction comes from following your passions.

Want to keep up with Dustin Mangas and his ventures in health and beyond? Check him out on Instagram @dustinmangas, drop by PURE Executive Health & Wellness, or connect on LinkedIn.

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Hayley Forbes


Introducing Hayley Forbes, the founder of The Sigma Femme and an expert in business and life coaching. Based in Scotland, Hayley has seamlessly integrated her decade-long expertise in social media and marketing with her profound life coaching skills to create a unique brand that not only fosters business success but also promotes a balanced and fulfilling life.

At the heart of Hayley's journey is her role as a dedicated mother to four children, two of whom have autism. This personal experience has profoundly shaped her business philosophy, ensuring that her professional endeavors always harmonize with her family life. Hayley has structured her work around the ethos of living first—working only 2-3 days a week while still achieving six-figure months. This approach not only speaks to her effectiveness but also to her commitment to living by example.

The Sigma Femme is a dual-purpose enterprise. Firstly, it supports clients in building successful six and seven-figure online businesses through cutting-edge strategies like attraction marketing and Quantum frequencies. This ensures clients not only achieve financial success but do so with an optimal work-life balance, echoing Hayley’s personal practices. Secondly, through her Coaching Academy, Hayley trains aspiring coaches in her proprietary Frequency Imprinting Coaching Method, empowering them to start their own impactful coaching careers.

Hayley’s vision for The Sigma Femme is as ambitious as it is inspiring. Over the next five years, she aims to guide 10,000 individuals through her Coaching Academy, fostering a global ripple effect of positive change. She envisions growing each of her businesses intomulti-seven-figure enterprises and sharing her philosophy on global stages, including publishing a book to reach an even broader audience.

For those eager to dive deeper into Hayley's world or to seek mentorship, follow her on Instagram @thesigmafemme as it provides the best insights and updates. Through her leadership at The Sigma Femme, Hayley Forbes is not just creating businesses; she’s crafting legacies, teaching others to build their professional dreams around the life they cherish.

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Jaclyn Zukerman Delory


Jaclyn Zukerman Delory, the founder of Next On Scene Media, has carved a distinctive niche in the media landscape, blending entrepreneurship with a deep understanding of public relations. With roots deeply embedded in a family of entrepreneurs, Jackie's journey into the media world was not just a path chosen but a legacy continued. Her early foray into PR began with promoting her brother's event business, setting the stage for a career that would later encompass the vast expanse of media and entertainment.

Holding a BA in Communications with a PR specialty, Jackie's career trajectory took her through the dynamic worlds of TV and radio production, working with industry giants like HOT97 and IMDb, and making appearances on MTV and WETV. This diverse experience was pivotal, leading her to explore the untapped potential of podcasting. In 2015, Jackie launched the Next On Scene podcast® from the simplest of studios—her bedroom closet. This venture quickly transcended its humble beginnings, growing into a platform for those seeking to make their mark in the media, with over 12,000 monthly listeners and a roster of high-profile guests.

Under Jackie's leadership, Next On Scene Media has evolved into a PR powerhouse, showcasing her innovative 360 visibility approach. This strategy emphasizes the importance of directing photo and video shoots as a primary step for clients aiming to amplify their visibility. By helping individuals and brands craft their image and message through these shoots, Jackie sets the stage for greater exposure. Following this, the Next On Scene podcast and magazine serve as platforms to further broadcast these stories, showcasing emerging talents and trends. Jackie's dedication to storytelling and brand elevation is also evident in her authored publications, which offer guidance and inspiration for transformative journeys.

Jackie's advice to those on the cusp of their entrepreneurial ventures echoes the ethos of action and resilience: embrace your vision wholeheartedly and persistently work towards it. Today, Jackie continues to inspire and lead, advancing the fields of media and public relations. Her journey from promoting a family business to establishing a successful media company exemplifies the power of innovation, determination, and the endless possibilities that arise from truly believing in one's potential. For collaboration opportunities or to gain insights from Jackie, click here.


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