Top 5 Instagram Models in 2023

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Aug. 11 2023, Published 5:57 a.m. ET

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To be a successful Instagram Model, you must beat the odds, fight against discrimination, and push through all the noise in this ever-changing and ruthless industry where trends come and go in the blink of an eye. These five remarkable individuals have captured our attention with their unwavering strength and relentless focus. These are not just Instagram models; they are role models. They’ve inspired us because they have triumphed over all the challenges of a digital spotlight. Prepare to be inspired, uplifted, and reminded of the power of inner strength and commitment to your craft as we delve into the extraordinary journeys of these five incredible women. Get ready to witness firsthand how they paved their way, defied multiple odds, and impacted the future of Instagram modeling. Let’s dive in and be inspired by these women who remind us that having thick skin and perseverance make your dreams come true.

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Stunner Maddy Belle was originally on track to become a registered nurse, but to her pleasant surprise her career took an unexpected turn. She meant to take a short break before starting nursing school, but after attending some festivals, she began taking photos of herself that went viral. This led her to work with Ganja Girls and post her content on Instagram and Snapchat. As her social media presence grew, Maddy transitioned into creating pictures, videos, and TikTok dances, eventually establishing herself as an OnlyFans model.

Maddy's journey into the adult content industry started before OnlyFans' popularity. She initially used Snapchat to share her life and eventually opened a premium Snapchat, which gained significant traction. However, in 2019, when some of her friends suggested joining OnlyFans, Maddy recognized the platform's potential. Since then, her career has skyrocketed.

Being an OnlyFans model has positively impacted Maddy's self-confidence and body image. Her fans appreciate how she goes beyond just showcasing her body, incorporating personal interactions and conversations into her content. This has allowed her to connect with her audience on a deeper level and receive support and empowering messages. Maddy embraces opportunities the industry has provided, such as being approached by companies to represent their brands and collaborating with other empowering women.

While Maddy Belle has faced challenges and discrimination, she says she filters out negative comments and focuses on the positive aspects of her career, her mental health, and connecting with friends and family.

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Taylor Gunner, based in San Diego, is a content creator known for her proactive relationship with her audience. She often participates in numerous industry conventions, hosts MRE meals on the event floor to cook for her fans, sells merchandise, and shares her knowledge on various topics.

Taylor goes the extra mile to provide support for her fans who are going through challenging times, doing mental health checks and buddy checks for those in military service. She maintains communication with her followers on deployment, having experience with the isolation that such a period can bring, including sending care packages.

Despite a physical setback affecting her spine and right leg during her active service, Taylor regularly partakes in charity hikes benefiting military causes showing her dedication to staying connected with her community. This thoughtful consideration extends to her merchandise as well. She creates card-sized USB DVDs small enough to fit in a wallet, a convenient option for those in the military with limited personal space during deployment.

Interestingly, these USBs play a role in a cherished military tradition of passing down a terabyte of digital content from one rank to another for their deployments. Taylor is proud to contribute to this tradition and to support her fans in this unique way. Through every aspect of her work, Taylor Gunner exhibits a deep awareness of her audience's needs and an unwavering commitment to supporting and nurturing her community.

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Danii Banks is a driven and ambitious individual who recently established her own modeling agency called Echelon Models. With a desire to expand and recruit more models, Danii aims to make her agency a notable name in the industry. She also aspires to gain personal recognition and become more well-known. Danii is fascinated by the innovative marketing strategies employed by others, particularly the use of unique angles to attract subscribers to adult content platforms like OnlyFans.

Born and raised in a small town in Michigan, Danii experienced a culture shock when she moved away. Her journey from a sheltered rural community to the vibrant diversity of Miami opened her eyes to new possibilities and influenced her desire to embrace her own individuality.

While Danii Banks has worked in the adult entertainment industry, she prefers to focus on solo work rather than explicit scenes. She draws inspiration from fellow models and collaborates with them to create content. Danii advocates for sex workers' rights and aims to challenge the stigma surrounding the industry, emphasizing that it should not define a person's worth or limit their potential for love and relationships.

In terms of connecting with her audience, Danii utilizes platforms like Twitter and TikTok to inspire women's empowerment and collaborate with other models. Danii remains determined to pursue her goals and make a mark in the adult entertainment industry while challenging societal perceptions and advocating for acceptance and understanding.

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Jenna Starr, a resilient entrepreneur based in Las Vegas, underwent a remarkable transformation in 2016, shifting her focus from the beauty to the adult entertainment sector while also developing a passion for real estate on the side. As a single mother with no external support, Jenna persevered, often working with her children at her side due to a lack of alternative childcare. Her businesses, specializing in adult entertainment and related ventures, alongside house flipping, rentals, stand as testaments to her unwavering dedication and hard work.

Choosing to stay single, Jenna prioritizes her children's safety and stability and the growth of her businesses over societal norms. Her journey serves as an inspiring narrative for single mothers and aspiring female entrepreneurs, reinforcing that overcoming adversity doesn't require handouts but resilience and determination.

Jenna Starr also challenges unrealistic body standards in the adult entertainment industry, advocating for body positivity and health. She believes in realistic body representation and has built her career around this ethos, proving that success is attainable regardless of societal expectations.

Additionally, Jenna's story isn't just about personal success; it's about empowerment and independence. She managed to attain a level of self-sufficiency that has enabled her to provide for her family single-handedly. By embracing her journey, she hopes to inspire other women to pursue their dreams fearlessly, regardless of the obstacles they face. Jenna Starr's empowering story echoes the potential of resilience, determination, and hard work to create a life on one's own terms.

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Everyone’s favorite golf girl, Grace Charis, can not only be considered a beautiful and avid golfer but a social media and marketing genius. Grace exploded overnight by taking advantage of her passion for golfing, the reach of social branding, and her stellar looks to create a powerful and influential platform.

Being in the golf world, Grace encourages women to embrace their femininity in male-dominated sports. Grace’s message of encouragement for young women in sports to embrace their femininity is taken incredibly well. She has over 4 million followers on TikTok and Instagram alone which breaks down to 2.9million followers on TikTok and a further 1.1million on Instagram. Grace also has 470,000 followers on Twitter, while her YouTube channel has 645,000 subscribers. Her most viral video has over 100 million views across all platforms and 60 million on TikTok alone.

While being a golf coach, social media sensation, and running a successful business, Grace’s entrepreneurial success can be attributed to her ability to seek out the right niche and inspire women not to be afraid of their individuality.

Grace Charis is confident she can maintain her position as a leading golf influencer thanks to her top-class content-making and business strategy. Beyond growing her game and her business empire, Grace ultimately hopes to inspire more girls and women to get into the sport.


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