Many celebs treat themselves to a luxurious life, but some A-listers pamper their pets even more. The list of pet-loving celebs includes Oscar winners, Grammy victors, reality TV stars and even royals!

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These 17 celebrity pets live the luxe life in a variety of ways — from pet mansions that run hundreds of thousands of dollars to first class airline tickets and even to drinking bowls made of very expensive crystal. Adoration for furry pals is hard to measure in money, but these particular celebs show that for them their four-legged friends deserve the absolute best. Spa treatments? Yap! Chauffeur-driven limos? Of course!

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A number of these pampered celebrity pets even have their own agents! That’s right, some of these awesome animals even bring in their own cash. They work hard to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and furry. Prepare to dive into the life of some large living four-legged pals. A few of the famous owners might immediately come right to mind, such as Taylor Swift and her fawned-over felines and Paris Hilton and her pups. Other celebs are less expected. For example, there’s the story about George Clooney being asked to choose between his pot-bellied pig and his girlfriend. History has shown how that worked out. There’s even Cara Delevingne and her rabbit, who a certain fashion icon called his best friend. Read on!

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