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The 8+ Hottest Guys on MTV: Nev Schulman, Diego Boneta, and Yes, Jionni LaValle

Tonight marks the premiere of season 2 of MTV‘s World of Jenks, featuring the super cute star, Andrew Jenks, so we figured now was the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to all the hotties on the network nowadays. Clearly we’ll never pass up the chance to stare at pics of hot dudes all day.

OK! News: Catch Up On All The Latest On Your Favorite MTV Shows!

Click through to see why we’re hardcore crushin’ on MTV’s current male stars from Nev Schulman to, yes, Jionni LaValle, (we’ll explain!and hot pics of each of them.

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And make sure to tune into World of Jenks, tonight at 11pm ET on MTV! Who’s your number one MTV crush? What’s your favorite show currently airing on the channel? Tell us via Twitter @OKMagazine!

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