The 20 Best Celebrity Throwback Thursday Pics Ever

Boy meets world tbt
Source: Danielle Fishel Instagram

Jan. 28 2015, Updated 2:08 p.m. ET

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Thursday is the worst day to be on Instagram because let's be real, noone wants to see baby pictures of that random acquaintance you happen to be following. But celebrity throwback pics? Whole different story. Here are some of the best star #TBTs to have ever graced our iPhones from Lena Dunham, Drake, Beyonce and more.

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Boy Meets World Instagram

Boy meets world tbt
Source: Danielle Fishel Instagram

If you've ever wondered what went down behind the scenes of Boy Meets World, give Danielle Fishel a follow. Her #TBTs are basically epic.

Beyonce Instagram

Beyonce baby pictures
Source: Beyonce Instagram

Can you guess who this cute little baby grew up to be? It's none other than Beyonce, whose throwback photos run the gamut from Baby Bey pics to gems with Destiny's Child.

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Melanie Brown Instagram

Melanie brown throwback thursday
Source: Melanie Brown Instagram

Melanie Brown knows that the majority of her Insta followers are Spice Girls fans. Hence why she graces our feeds with TBT Spice Girls pics almost weekly. This one's the best though.

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Kyle Richards Instagram

Bethenny frankel kyle richards throwback thursday
Source: Kyle Richards Instagram

This is apparently what Bethenny Frankel and Kyle Richards looked like before they were on Real Housewives. This photo is pretty freakin' great.

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Lena Dunham Instagram

Lena dunham throwback thursday
Source: Lena Dunham Instagram

Lena Dunham as a teenager is much like Lena Dunham as an adult. You know, where she's always on camera at least half naked.

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Miley Cyrus Instagram

Miley cyrus throwback thursday
Source: Miley Cyrus Instagram

Is it weird that Tish Cyrus looks the same now as she did in 1994? And that Miley Cyrus looks nothing like herself at all?

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Lauren Conrad Instagram

Lauren conrad throwback thursday
Source: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Lauren Conrad is the cutest little 80's kid ever. Officially.

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Tia Mowry Instagram

Tia tamera throwback thursday
Source: Tia Mowry Instagram

While we'll always love a good Sister Sister throwback, our favorite #TBT from Tia Mowry-Hardrict is this one of her, her twin sister Tamera and their parents. So leeeetle and cute!

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Emma Roberts Instagram

Emma roberts throwback thursday
Source: Emma Roberts Instagram

Isn't it weird that Emma Roberts has a #TBT of her holding a black cat, while in current day she stars as a witch on American Horror Story? Foreshadowing, guys.

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Carson Daly Instagram

Carson daly childhood
Source: Carson Daly Instagram

It's a shame that Carson Daly never posts #TBTs from his TRL days, but this photo of Carson and his sister is so 80's and so perfect that we don't even care.

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Michelle and Barack Obama Instagram

Michelle barack obama tbt
Source: Michelle and Barack Obama Instagram

Even the President and the first lady don't want to miss out on TBT! Ah, Barack and Michelle, young and in love.

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Rachel Zoe Instagram

Rachel zoe rodger berman throwback
Source: Rachel Zoe Instagram

While celebrating their 22nd anniversary in August of 2013, Rachel Zoe shared this old school photo of her and her husband Rodger Berman before fame, fortune, and kids. They basically look like babies.

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Drake Instagram

Drake throwback thursday
Source: Drake Instagram

One look at Drake's Instagram page and you will realize that Aubrey Graham was the cutest child to ever live. If only pinching cheeks was possible through the computer.

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Jessica Alba Instagram

Jessica alba never been kissed
Source: Jessica Alba Instagram

Sometimes even better than a baby photo is a photo from one of our favorite old school movies. Hey guys, remember when Jessica Alba was in Never Been Kissed?

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Andy Samberg Instagram

Chelsea peretti andy samberg throwback
Source: Andy Samberg Instagram

Today they're co-stars on Brooklyn Nine Nine, and back then they were middle school classmates. That's Chelsea Peretti and Andy Samberg, in case you were unsure.

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Becky jesse full house
Source: Instagram

Lori Loughlin's TBTs are some of the best, mainly because the majority of them are from Full House. She's shared quite a few throwbacks of the entire cast, but this Becky/Jesse pic just brings back so many memories.

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Taylor Swift Instagram

Taylor swift mom throwback thursday
Source: Taylor Swift Instagram

Happy Mother's Day, Taylor Swift's mom! Here's a really awkward pic of you guys wearing matching velour dresses on Christmas! JK. This pic is amazing.

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Catelynn Lowell Instagram

Catelynn tyler teen mom throwback thursday
Source: Catelynn Lowell Instagram

Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been dating a really long time—since middle school! This pic was from when Cate was four months pregnant with Carly and really brings us back to the days of 16 & Pregnant.

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Aziz Ansari Instagram

Aziz ansari throwback thursday
Source: Aziz Ansari Instagram

Aziz Ansari in a suit. And a tie. As a toddler. It doesn't get better than this.

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Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie

Kim kardashian nicole richie throwback pic
Source: Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie

And alas, this. All the Kardashians and Jenners post amazing #TBTs, but none of them compete with this gem that Kim Kardashian posted of herself and Nicole Richie at 13. Stars—they were awkward teenagers, just like us.


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