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Fans Are Sending Busy Philipps Money Out Of Pity

Busy Philipps may be struggling in her career right now as she worries that her NBC pilot, Sackett Sisters, most likely won’t get picked up, but luckily for the actress, she has a devout fan base who are willing to keep her head above water — mentally and financially! The 37-year-old revealed she’s made over $500 via $1 donations sent to her by her fans on Venmo. Click through to find out how it all went down.

Philipps took to her social media to tell a teary-eyed tale of how the Tina Fey-produced pilot might not get picked up. “I’ve been doing this since I was 19 years old and it never gets easier,” she said. “And it sucks. It’s really hard because part of the whole thing is rejection. It’s what the whole thing is based on, right? It’s somebody else telling you yes or no.” BUANoLcFihu

Philipps, who is currently vacationing on a Disney cruise, continued, “The amazing thing about the Internet is that before I didn’t have a feeling of any voice or any ability. The thing is, I know that you like watching these things because you feel like I’m so real. But I am f***ing real. I’m a real f***ing person. And this is what I do for a job.” BT-hs5Ylvft

“The problem is I have to rely on other people to allow me to do it,” she continued. “This has been great — it’s great. I love that you can watch these Instagram stories. But I want to tell other stories. It’s like a momentary setback or whatever. But it also is you have to understand something I have dealt with for almost 20 years, this same thing.” BT_zxeqlIRN

And soon after her rant, the money from fans started pouring in. “Shout out to the random person I don’t know who just paid me a dollar on Venmo for my Instagram Stories,” Philipps said. “So if you guys want to find me on Venmo and start paying me, that’d be chill.” BT-F0vIlAVS

Maybe fans didn’t get the memo that Busy was totally joking, because the donations kept coming. “Okay guys I love you, but you don’t have to pay me on Venmo,’ Philipps said in another video. “So many people have started paying me a dollar on Venmo. It’s really awesome and so sweat, but you really don’t. Don’t. Save your dollars for someone else.” She continued, “Guys you don’t have to keep Venmo-ing me a dollar, although I greatly appreciate it,” she said in post while sun bathing on the beach. “I’ve made 500 bucks! It’s really funny because I’m just flooded with these notifications that I’m getting a dollar from strangers,” she added. BT-KlsflLGe

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