Celebrity comeback stories are so undeniably rare. For every celeb who makes it back to the top of the Hollywood heap after a seismic fall, there are countless others who lie in their own wreckage and who will never again find fame.

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In the world of celebrity, you’re only as good as what you did last. So if you have a headline-grabbing incident like being so drugged you fall asleep in the bedroom of a house that is not yours (Robert Downey Jr.), failed to have a hit of any kind in more than a decade (John Travolta), getting arrested for a DUI or perhaps throwing eggs at your neighbor’s house (we’re looking at you, Justin Bieber) — the odds of working on anything substantial again are incredibly slim.

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Some celebs fall from grace due to drug, alcohol or behavioral issues. Others simply fell out of favor with a fickle public. This is a lesson in perseverance … these 25 celebrities never gave up and found themselves back on top — achieving some of the greatest celebrity comeback stories of all time.

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