Plastic surgery and fake boobs… some celebrities regret it, others embrace it. Some admit to having gone under the knife, while others choose to remain tight-lipped about it. After all, admitting to having work done is still one of the biggest Hollywood taboos.

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While most stars have been blessed with natural beauty and feminine curves, sadly, it never seems enough in the age of picture-perfect social media feeds and glossy magazine covers, especially when you’re a celebrity who is in the spotlight 24/7. Although the times are changing and celebs are gravitating toward embracing their bodies as-is, all those unrealistic beauty standards are still alive and well in Hollywood.

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Some of these 19 celebs, including Anna Faris, Kourtney Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, and Victoria Beckham, have come clean about their breast augmentation surgeries, while others have kept their lips sealed on their rumored boob jobs. Even though many of them have never admitted to receiving surgical help in the cleavage department, pictures may speak louder than words.

Kinky Katie touches on the world of celebrity boobs. Listen and find out what it’s all about.

OK! has compiled a list of 19 celebrities you didn’t know have fake boobs or are rumored to have boosted their bust. Let’s pick up the hood and take a look inside Hollywood’s biggest taboo to decide for yourself who’s are real and who’s are fake.

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