What is so fascinating about the Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes dating history is that he was the first man to warm her heart after her divorce from Tom Cruise. Jamie is no stranger to Tom’s world. The men starred in the 2004 Michael Mann stunner Collateral

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Another unusual aspect of their relationship is that they had done what so few celebrity couples have managed to do — they kept their private life private. Even though it was widely known that the two began dating pretty much in 2013 (yes, that long!), there are only a handful of photos of the pair together. Jamie and Katie did not talk about the other in interviews, as one ESPN reporter found out the hard way!

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Digging deep to bring you the fascinating details of one of Hollywood’s most secretive couples, it is time to chronicle the Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes dating history that took the pair from Hollywood to New York, Paris, New Orleans, Miami and even Mexico. One thing is for certain, Jamie — what with his stand-up comedy background — is great at making Katie laugh, and as many a relationship expert has said, laughter is the key to happiness. After getting out of her marriage with Tom, it was good to see Katie smile. Let’s break it down …

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