It’s obvious that celebrities have all eyes on them. The world scrutinizes what they wear, whom they date, and where they live. But it’s easy to forget about the little details in life that are easy to take for granted. No one would ever scoff at an average person leaving an 18% tip at a restaurant, salon, or wherever gratuities are common. But even when a bit famous, tipping habits become a juicy water cooler discussion. Celebrities who tip without considering their impressive paychecks are often shamed for not giving more—even on tiny, commonplace bills like frozen yogurt or coffee. On the other hand, those who opt to be generous are praised!

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Everyone loves to hear about celebrities being kind—it’s often helpful to their image. Stars like Drew Barrymore and Charlize Theron, who commonly play aspirational characters, are known for giving equally caring tips! And influencers who use their platforms to help others on a large scale like Ellen Degeneres or Bono receive praise for their positive work in their profession. But more often than not, these folks are also caught doing good deeds on a smaller scale in their own communities!

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Some folks who have delivered good service in the right place at the right time have received life-changing amounts of cash. There may be a lot of unfortunate news in the world, but it’s undeniable that sometimes good things happen to good hospitality professionals. 

Here are some of the most generous celebrity tippers out there in order of how big of a tip they’ve been caught giving! Every dollar counts, though! Technically, a $100 tip on a cup of frozen yogurt is a pretty high tip percentage, but it’s hard to overlook a five figure gratuity, even if it’s on a six figure bill!

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