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Keep Away, Stalkers!

Harry Styles Hires SIX Bodyguards To Protect Him From INSANE Fans On ‘Dunkirk’ Tour

Girls have tried sneaking into the former One Direction singer's hotel room!

Harry Styles is too popular for his own good. While promoting his new film, the World War II epic Dunkirk, the former One Direction singer turned actor has had to keep an eye out for crazy fans — some have reportedly even gotten into his hotel room! Harry has become so wary of stalker-level fanatics that the film’s studio, Warner Bros. Pictures, even hired more security for Harry than any other actor in the film to ensure he’s safe during promotions. According to Daily Star Sunday, Harry is now walking around with not one or two but SIX bodyguards to keep himself safe. Click through for more details on Harry’s security crisis!

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