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Is Howard Okay?

Stern Disappeared Earlier This Week And Everyone Is Freaking Out

What happened to Howard Stern? The on-air personality skipped his radio show Wednesday, sending his devout fan base into a worried frenzy. Some followers speculate that the star’s absence has to do with his elderly father, but his mother, Ray, is revealing to the truth behind her son’s disappearance. Jon Hein, who is a contributor to the show, also confirmed during the end of the Wrap Up Show, “Howard took a personal day.” Click through to find out what’s really wrong with Howard Stern.

In the days leading up to his absence, Howard had continuously been telling listeners that he’d “been feeling down.”

In discussing his tumultuous relationship with his father, Howard also dropped a hint that “it will all be over soon.”

He also revealed he’d been having a lot of personal issues.

On the heels of Howard’s cryptic comments, fans took to Reddit, saying things like, “Must be something serious to miss a scheduled show,” while another fan wrote, “His dad is extremely ill. I would expect he will pass this week. No way Howard cancels a show for anything less. Dude is a beast when it comes to work. Sad,” another fan said.

But when Radar reached out to the star’s mom, she confirmed Howard’s dad, Ben, was alive and well, adding that he was not at home at the time of the call.


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