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Isaiah Washington Returns to Grey's Anatomy—Who Else Should Come Back?

For one episode and one episode only Isaiah Washington will return to Grey’s Anatomy this season, incidentally to help send departing series regular Sandra Oh off for her farewell episode. In case you forgot, Isaiah played Dr. Preston Burke, Seattle Grace’s reknowned Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and ex-fiance of Sandra’s character Cristina Yang. While fans loved the unlikely romance between Burke and Yang, the cast and crew didn’t love Isaiah’s attitude, so off he went (he’ll soon be seen on The CW’s The 100).

Proof that time heals some wounds, if Grey’s can bring Isaiah back for an episode, we think there’s room for a gaggle of other returns, even if they have to be of the supernatural variety. After all this is a Shonda Rhimes show, that woman has license to do anything she wants on TV in our book.

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