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Too Hot! Secrets Behind Kylie Jenner's Most Naked Instagram Pics

The selfie queen shares her hot pic how-tos.

For Kylie Jenner, “the art of taking a selfie is one [I take] very seriously” and it’s no doubt the youngest of the KUWTK clan looks fabulous in all her Instagram photos. Pretty and generous, Kylie shares her photography secrets in a video on her website, where she teaches big sister Khloe Kardashian how to take the perfect selfie as well as ways to take a flattering picture. Kylie wrote, “Wanna know my secrets to being a social media master? Watch me teach Khloé the basic rules I ALWAYS follow when taking Instagram photos or Snapchat videos. Trust me, they’re the keys to success!” Besides her sexy poses and outfits, what helps to make Kylie’s Instagram pictures hot is her signature pout. In her video, she shows Khloe how she slightly pushes out her lips to make them look bigger and filled with attitude.

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One of Kylie’s biggest tips is knowing your best angle (for Kylie, it’s her right side). That way you not only show off your assets, you also hide or play down any flaws. Kylie takes lighting very seriously—another top Kylie tip is to either take photos at sunset or use sunset lighting effects to project a warm, sun-kissed look. A dusting of highlighter on her cheekbones pumps up her glow. She even bought a lighting kit off of Ebay, complete with a removable umbrella to give her precise control of the lighting. Talk about taking it to the next level!

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Editing is another tried-and-true Kylie trick. When it comes to Kylie’s Instagram photos, she said, “It’s really just how I edit them, that’s the real trick. I feel like people want to see my whole outfit, so I’ll have my friends just take full body pictures of me in my backyard and then you have to edit them! Don’t go to crazy [with editing], but it’s important.” If you have a signature pose or several, use it. Kylie likes to put her hair behind her ear or gracefully put her hand in front of her mouth. She also is known for her head-tilts and sultry stares. Every now and then Kylie likes to break from tradition and take a playful, fun picture where she’s smiling widely, using bright lights or wearing a fun costume to shake things up and give her fans something to buzz about.

Speaking of friends, unlike most of us, Kylie has an Instagram manager who helps take some of the photos but like most of us, she also takes tons of pictures before getting just the right one, “I take, like, 500 selfies to get one I like.” Good to know that like most of us, the girl isn’t instantly perfect.

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