The View, which remains one of the longest-running daytime talk shows on television, has been plagued by controversies since its premiere back in 1997. From the ever-changing line-up of panelists every few seasons to personal feuds off-camera, illnesses, shock departures and surprising political opinions, The View is never short of providing explosive drama to its millions of viewers.

The mayhem that occurred behind the scenes never really came to light until one of its stars would leave the show, such as Jenny McCarthy, who claimed that her time on the panel from 2013-2014 was quite an unpleasant experience because she never got along with Barbara Walters.

When Raven-Symoné became a regular co-host in 2015, producers weren’t sold on her performance during her first run on the show, with sources later claiming that she was being guided behind the scenes but things weren’t translating well on TV.

While people were coaching her to get better at her job, a source told Radar Online at the time that the move to do the homework for her simply wasn’t working, subsequently leading the 34-year-old to announce she was leaving The View to work on the spinoff series of her Disney Channel series That’s So Raven.

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