Jenelle Evans has her fans concerned!

The Teen Mom 2 star posted a photo of herself with her third baby daddy, David Eason, on Snapchat, which is now deleted, and it raised many eyebrows!

According to fans, Jenelle appeared to have a bruise near her eyebrow. “Does Jenelle look like she’s been hit?,” one user asked. Another one asked, “oh my [god] dude, is this a bruise?!”

In an exclusive interview with, Jenelle opened up about the suspicious bruise. “What bruise? Looks more like a shadow to me,” she said.

Unforunately because of all the negative feedback, don’t expect to see Jenelle on a few social media platforms these days! She said, “I deleted the picture on Snapchat in the first place because I’m sick of everyone commenting on my life. I have deleted my twitter app and put Snapchat back on private for a while.”

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