Jinger Duggar is going into the coffee business.

On Monday’s episode of Counting On, the expecting mom revealed that she was ready to go where no other Duggar woman had gone before – the business world!

“I thought about possibly doing my own coffee,” Jinger told her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, while sitting in a coffee shop.

“Like brewing your own coffee?” he responded.

“Like roasting it,” she replied. “I could have my own blend and sell it online. You don’t have to have a shop.”

“That would be amazing,” Jeremy said, cheering her on. “You could call it Jinger’s blend or Jinger’s spice.”

Jinger though had her own idea for a name as she said in her confessional that she likes the name, “Jinga-Ninga!”

Jeremy then recommended that Jinger ask Joe and Kendra if she could have a coffee station, allowing her to roast her coffee, at their wedding, which really excited Jinger.

With Jinger in such high spirits, she later went home and began trying to roast different coffee beans.

While her first attempt at roasting Ethiopian coffee beans didn’t go exactly as planned – both she and Jeremy made crucial errors when making the first batch – they ultimately had a somewhat successful second attempt with Panamanian beans (Jinger said it tasted like “hotel coffee”).

Despite a bumpy start to her business venture, Jinger promised to continue trying to create the perfect coffee blend.

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