Court…court…and more court!

Kailyn Lowry is launching her new career in the podcast industry! She was prepping for her podcast, Coffee Convos, when the topic dating came up. The mother-of-three confessed that she is kind of back in the dating world looking for a either a guy or a girl. After returning home from Atlanta, Kail learned that her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, filed for emergency visitation rights for Lux. Chris got supervised visits for four weeks and the two will return to court to get a more permanent plans…but Kail was still heartbroken.

Briana DeJesus is getting back to work after her maternity leave! Months after welcoming her daughter, Stella, the mother-of-two prepped to return to work but before that, she needed to look into daycares with her baby daddy, Luis! Briana ends up going back to work but not everyone is going to miss mom! Her oldest daughter, Nova, admitted that she isn’t going to miss her mom because she thinks that she doesn’t like taking care of her anymore and would rather care for Stella. After returning home from work, Roxanne tells Briana what Nova said and they all hugged it out.

Jenelle Evans is the birthday girl! The mother-of-three was planning on heading up to the mountains to celebrate her day with her children and husband, David Eason. Despite having fun going tubing and playing in the snow, their trip quickly goes south after the kids start not exactly listening! David and Jenelle both lose their patience and the trip comes to an end.

Leah Messer’s twins are turning 8-years-old! While planning for the birthday party, the mother-of-three was taken by surprise how sweet her daughter, Gracie, was to her twin, Ali. While picking a venue, Ali was worried that she wouldn’t be able to take part in all the activities due to her muscular dystrophy and her sis Gracie was so understanding! As seen in previous episodes, Gracie was attending therapy to help cope with her sister’s disability. After some planning…it’s party time! However the party vibe was put on holy because Leah opened up about her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, reaching out to her again asking ‘to talk.’ At the party she stepped outside to call Jeremy and he gushes about how proud he is of her

Chelsea Houska is finishing up her court appearances with her ex and first baby daddy, Adam Lind. As seen on last week’s episode, Chelsea won big time against Adam! She got Aubree’s last name changed and visitation was ordered to take place in a supervised center moving forward. Now, they need to head back to mediation to work out child support since Adam doesn’t have an income. After the meeting, Chelsea told her friend, Chelsey, about what went down! “So he has no bank account because that got closed. He has no vehicle, people are driving him around. He has a house, that he paid in full, when asked how he pays his bill…he said he doesn’t,” she said. Chelsea struggled with how she plans on talking to Aubree about the situation with her dad now that she is getting older!

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