Leah Messer's Secret Boyfriend Exposed — T.R. Dues Makes 'Teen Mom' Debut

The MTV star dropped a bombshell about her trainer love interest!

Meet Leah Messer’s secret boyfriend!

The Teen Mom 2 star opened up about her now ex on the jaw dropping MTV special, Secrets Revealed! “So one thing that I didn’t share on camera is after my divorce with Jeremy [Calvert], I did indeed have a boyfriend, and then we lived together for a little while,” she admitted.

Back in 2015, broke the news that Leah moved onto date personal trainer T.R Dues following her split with her ex-husband, Jeremy.

On the special, MTV aired never-before-seen footage of the former lovebirds working out together! “I met him, worked out, so he was, like, a trainer,” she explained.When I met him, I wasn’t in a great place. It was definitely, like, a time in my life..Yeah, I needed a friend, and then I went off to treatment, and came back and was like, ‘what was I thinking?’ He wasn’t in a place to contribute financially. You know, like it just wasn’t the right time for me to be in a relationship, but I just knew that I just needed to be able to tell him that. And I didn’t wanna share that story with everyone knowing that it wasn’t right anyway, you know?,” she explained.

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