Leah Messer can’t hold in her happiness!

The Teen Mom 2 star chatted on Facebook live earlier this week and was joined by her daughter, Addie. During the video, the 4-year-old was in an extremely good mood, maybe because she couldn’t hold in the exciting baby news any longer! “Tell them about the baby in your belly,” Addie was heard whispering to her mother a few times while the video was streaming.

Following the shocking baby news, Leah took to Instagram and posted a cryptic message in the caption of her photo about “loyalty.” The caption read, “Betrayal never feels good and it shouldn’t yet not everyone who joins your journey is meant to be loyal. As you grow in living your standard by setting boundaries and ferociously loving yourself, you will start to see people clearly. You will be reminded of what feels good and what doesn’t; helping you to refine your standards. When people reveal themselves to you, be thankful. Even if you feel hurt or disappointed appreciate the blessing of clarity. Appreciate those who show you who they are – revealing their character. It is a gift! Perspective is key. When you let go of anything that is toxic, it is never a loss and always a gain. Let your life radiate your values and in turn attract the most beautiful friends & lovers. Align with the best version of you!”

In another Instagram post about a “purpose,” she wrote in the caption, “There are treasures waiting for you to discover. Let go of resistance and allow all good things into existence.”

And despite her daughter telling fans that Leah has a “baby in her belly,” the mother-of-three quickly took to social media to deny expecting her fourth child. She tweeted, ““Kids say the craziest things! Side note: You have to be sexually active to get preg,” she tweeted. In another post she wrote, “I am definitely not. I have the IUD.”

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