Mackenzie Mckee is ready to help YOU change your life.

In an exclusive interview with, the former reality star turned health guru opened up about how she started her fitness empire. “Two years ago I decided to become a certified trainer. I reached out to women all around the US and took on 20 clients a month. I grew up surrounded by health and fitness. Its kind of funny actually, my mom was very active and such a healthy eater. Thats the way of life I was raised to know. She never had pop in the house or sugary snacks, but she also let us have our freedom when at parties and such.”

Even though Mackenzie grew up with a healthy lifestyle, the now mother-of-three was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. And since then, she knew she wanted to help others that struggled in similar ways. She explained, “After realizing all I could handle one on one was 20 clients a month I thought, ‘Why not create an unlimited program where millions could participate in it?'” Adding, “And so thats how #BodyByMac started!”

The program launched with a 4 week program and beginners guide for those just starting on their fitness journey. After selling over 4,000 in less than a year, Mackenzie realized, “it was definitely a hit!” She gushed, “People loved it and I got emails daily from women bragging of their results.”

Recently, the mother-of-three launched her new Body By Mac 90 day program which you can purchase right here! 

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