2017 is far from over, but it’s been extremely busy for Mackenzie Mckee. The former reality television star on 16 & Pregnant and then Teen Mom 3 had a rough start to the new year after a cheating scandal rocked her world.

The mother-of-three was accused of cheating on husband Josh Mckee after he found out that she was texting another guy. Back in January she told RadarOnline.com exclusively, “There was a guy I was texting, but there was no flirting or affair.” Adding, “I didn’t do that. His ex-wife found out and sent Josh a message. That is what he’s going off of.” The two eventually worked things out and Josh moved back into their family home. “Josh moved out and I was alone with the kids all over a lie,” the former MTV star told the site at a different time. “But Josh is back now and everything is good.”

Following the shocking scandal, the marriage only grew stronger! “Our marriage has grown. How far we’ve come this year, it’s been the craziest year,” she said in an exclusive interview with OKMagazine.com.

And with her marriage back on track, they added to their adorable little family! Mackenzie has been showing off her newest baby boy, her Great Dane puppy, all over social media! She said, “It’s so entertaining. Now I have two babies! Dogs are like children.” Adding, “I wanted a big dog so we got a Great Dane. We weren’t really looking, but he needed a home!”

Besides raising her kids, her new puppy, and maintaining a happy marriage, Mackenzie released her new fitness program, Body By Mac, which can be purchased right here!


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