Our girl Rachel Lindsay is ready to find love, and no rose will be getting in her way!

In the newest Bachelorette promo, the Dallas lawyer storms (and twirls) through piles of rose petals (while looking absolutely stunning in a red rose-like gown) before ultimately crushing a single rose.

Hope that’s not a metaphor for how she’ll be crushing hearts this season.



While we’re officially less than a month away from the show’s premiere on May 22nd, Rachel is still filming for the current season.

As OK! reader’s know, Rachel has quite the bunch of eligible bachelors vying for her heart.

In a Bachelor franchise first, Rachel was able to meet four of her guys on After The Final Rose, and Rachel took six men on The Ellen Show for quite the unforgettable group date.

Who could forget the guys’ shirtless lap dances for the audience?! #NotI

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The Bachelorette will premiere on ABC on Monday, May 22, at 9 p.m. ET.

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