Time to celebrate Father’s Day…but of course there was drama!

Ryan Edwards returned home from rehab and was already off to a rough start with his ex, Maci Bookout, when it came to seeing their son together, Bentley. She told her husband, Taylor McKinney, that she planned on taking Bentley over to Jen and Larry’s so he can see his dad on Father’s Day which was the first time since seeing him after rehab. The two discussed how Bentley asked to see his father, but Ryan never asked her. Instead she claimed that he threatened her and sent her vulgar messages to bring his son over. “It is a privilege to be his father,” Taylor explained before Maci told him, “You’re his father!” Taylor continued, “Why should I not get to spend Father’s Day with him, why should Ryan? To spend time with your son on Father’s Day, that should require you being an actual father.” Maci did bring Bentley over to see him and it didn’t go well. She told Taylor how Ryan said he has a “problem” with him over an issue with Larry. At the end of her time at Jen and Larry’s, Ryan said “see you in court” and Maci said she laughed at him. “I’m no longer going to put my son and myself in this hell hole,” she told Taylor. Afterwards, Ryan explained to his family that he will go to mediation with Maci to figure out a custody plan for Bentley and if they don’t agree, it’s court. “I will win this,” he claims.

Time is ticking! Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were launching their clothing line within the next few weeks which is causing seconds thoughts about another baby. She admitted to changing her mind about getting pregnant because with the house, company, and more, “it’s a lot of things.” She ended up canceling her doctor’s appointment to get her IUD removed, but that isn’t changing her mind about having kids! Once they are moved into their new home and settled in, then it’s baby time!

Amber Portwood faces her ex, Matt Baier, for the first time in days and his weight left her alarmed. She questioned if he was using drugs again, but he told her that he hasn’t been eating much food. Matt and Amber fought over his daughter, Brooklyn, because she has said in the past, “It’s time for you to come home.” Matt explained it had nothing to do with Amber and that she wants him to stop filming for the reality show. Matt ended up storming off and while talking to the producer, he blasted Amber for talking about his daughter. “I’m almost done. I just want more than this. You know what, I am almost done. I have too much life ahead of me for this s**t. I’m on a whole other level right now. I just want to throw s**t in his face right now,” Amber said to the producer. She then kicked Matt out after he accused her of being on drugs.

Farrah Abraham was getting ready to have a girls weekend in Vegas! A newly single Farrah was getting ready to face her ex, Simon Saran, during her trip, which she wasn’t happy about it. Her friend admitted that she thinks Simon is using her to talk to Farrah, which she wasn’t having. “I don’t want drama, I want to have a chill time,” she explained. And while Farrah celebrated her birthday, Debra was planning her wedding! “I invited Farrah and I asked her to be my maid of honor, I also asked Sophia to be my dress attendant and carry my train and at this moment I’m unsure if they are going to be making it because they told me they don’t like David. And it’s very hurtful.” Farrah came back home from Vegas and told her dad, Michael, all about her trip and how Simon “showed up randomly.” She said, “He still thinks this time, let’s try to be friends.” He replied, “But if you’re going to be friends, that means respecting each other’s space.” She fired back, “Yeah but I don’t want to friends anymore, it seems like he can’t handle the friend zone. He adds too much drama so I just don’t need all of that.”

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