Cheating scandals, tantrums, and more!

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana DeJesus put her foot down and split with her second baby daddy, Luis, after she found out he’s been cheating on her. The then pregnant reality star had to break the devastating news to her sister, Brittany, and mother, Roxanne, and the two didn’t take the news very well. After making up her mind, Briana called it quits with Luis.

Briana told him, “I can’t be with you. I’ve been through so much, I know what I want and this is not it. I don’t want to feel obligated to do anything because of this baby. I don’t feel like I need to be with you, because of this baby. And my thing is, I don’t want to be with you, Luis, I’ve made my mind up already. I don’t want to be with you, so if I don’t want to be with you that means we have to co-parent and I don’t want to have to do that.” After suggesting adoption, he quickly turned down that option.

Kailyn Lowry‘s big secret it out! The mother-of-two finally opened up about her split from her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez. She explained to her friend that she was grateful it all happened privately and that he did not become too involved in her world, especially with her kids.

As for her second baby daddy, Javi Marroquin, the two are still fighting even though their divorce was finalized in the season premiere. The MTV dad opened up to the boys about his possible deployment and she was furious with him for bringing up such a heartbreaking topic.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason had a rough, rough start to the season which caused her to walk out of their house…to a hotel parking lot! Luckily, he got the keys to their rental home and they were able to spend the night there.

As for baby daddy number two, Nathan Griffith, things aren’t looking up. As Jenelle requested, she got what she requested in mediation which was supervised visits and Nathan have their son, Kaiser, every other weekend.

Someone is cranky and it’s not the newborn! As Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer settle in with their newborn son, Watson Cole, Aubree wasn’t that well behaved. The 7-year-old had a major meltdown over not being invited to Cole’s work event and Chelsea was NOT happy.

Leah Messer is such a great student! The mother-of-three opened up about the heartbreaking moment that she dropped her daughter, Allie, was dropped off with her dad, Corey Simms, which left Addie heartbroken because she wanted to see her dad, Jeremy Calvert. “Last night I dropped Allie off with Corey and Addie, bless her heart, she started screaming when Allie got in the car with Corey. She wanted to be with her dad because she hasn’t seen him in two weeks,” she told her friend Liz. Luckily, Leah’s youngest daughter reunited with her dad.

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