The Teen Mom 2 saga continues! And things are getting complicated for our ladies now that we’re already on episode 3. So read on to see what @BabsEvansMTV probably thinks of Chelsea Houska‘s flirting with Adam, Kailyn Lowry‘s fight with Jo, Leah Messer‘s big news and of course, Jenelle Evans‘ new booooyfriend who models undaweah…

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Chelsea attends Aubree’s pre-school orientation and guess who actually shows up? A-D-A-M. He wears an inappropriate sleeveless shirt and arrives seven minutes late, but gotta give the guy props nonetheless. But does one act of good daddy behavior suck Chelsea right back into Adam? I know I wasn’t the only one who noticed a little bit of flirtatiousness out by the car, you guys.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “Congratu-freakin-lations that Adam is finally bein’ a good FATHA. But don’t let him get ta ya, Chelsea! Stay FAH away and don’t let yaself like him anymoah!”


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Kailyn goes to the ob/gyn and finds out her baby is just fine (and clearly does NOT find out the baby’s gender), but meanwhile is stressing about having to get started on her and Javi’s wedding plans. But Kail’s real situation this week is that Jo texts her saying that he’s not going to be at his house when Kail drops Isaac off for the weekend. So Kailyn keeps Isaac longer just to spite Jo, but Jo gets mad because he thinks it was her fault that he lost some time with his son. Um… reconciliation

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “Jo’s got some NERVE to yell at ya for bringing Isaac ova late! He is the one to BLAME heah! What is wrong with him?!”

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Leah and Jeremy leave Aliannah and Addie with family members as they take Ali to her muscle specialist a few hours away. There they meet up with Corey and his parents, and the entire family is obviously devastated to learn that Ali will eventually need a wheelchair when she goes to school. Leah gets all emotional that her daughter is going to be so different from the other kids. It really is pretty sad to watch, honestly.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “There’s nuthin’ I can say ta ya ta make ya feel betta, Leah. I’m sorry ya gotta go through this with ya dawta. But at least ya know she’s a happy little kid!”


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Jenelle is still dealing with her legal situation, but her good ol’ trusty lawyer Dustin tells her that they’re going to try to plea to the smaller charges so that the felony won’t go on her record. Otherwise, she’ll end up like Kieffer and Courtland! Meanwhile, Babs is very impressed the first time she meets Nathan because he’s polite, so Jenelle takes that as a reason to move in with him. Later that night when Nathan suggests that she keep her stuff at his place, she obliges! But considering they got pregnant on purpose less than six months into their relationship, this surprises us not at all.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “Yeah, I like Nathan, but I don’t think ya should be movin’ in with a new boyyyyfriend when ya still married! But at least Nathan’s not bein’ CHAGHED with a felony. That’s a plus!”


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