Maci Bookout still has love for her ex, in a sweet way!

In a bonus clip for Teen Mom OG, the mother-of-three opened up about how fortunate she is to have found her soon-to-be husband, Taylor McKinney. “I’ve been lucky enough to find Taylor and for us to be building a life together,” Maci revealed.

But despite starting a family and a life with her new man, she still worries about her ex, Ryan Edwards. “Sometimes I do worry about Ryan and if he will find happiness or find someone who completes him,” she confessed. She did offer a suggestion for Bentley‘s father and explained that in order for him to find a partner, he “has to learn how to love himself first.”

And luckily for Ryan, Maci has a perfect girl in mind, and that’s her! “His perfect match would be, this is going to sound ridiculous, someone exactly like me but maybe not such a harda—…like someone who might be willing to put up with a little bit more sh— than I was willing to put up with, she joked.

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