Mackenzie Mckee‘s family needs all the love and support at this time.

The Teen Mom star’s mother, Angie, was diagnosed with lung and cancer earlier this year and since then, she has been put up an amazing fight. Throughout the months, Mackenzie has shared updates with her fans regarding her mother’s progress.

This week Mackenzie shared on her Instagram account some upsetting news revealing that new results show her mother has two types of lung cancer. It seemed to be a text message from her mother saying, “I wish I had better news to tell you. But my results show that I have two types of lung cancer. Not only do I have the non small cell, I also have the small cell which is much more aggressive. That’s why it has spread and that’s why I can’t gain weight and have no energy. I go Thursday for a port and will start chemo on Monday for three days then I take three weeks off and then start the process over again. She said the Chemo would attack the other cancer quickly but they’ve never had someone who’s never smoked get both kinds. I’m their pioneer woman. Most people only live a year and a half with one of these. So prayers are all we got. And I know it sounds silly but please pray that I don’t lose my eye lashes and eye brows. That’s all I have left!”

In an exclusive interview with, Mackenzie said, “It’s not the way we want it to go. Our only hope is God.” She added that she wishes her mother would try natural healing over chemotherapy and that Angie is not able to get another opinion because “she just doesn’t have the money.”


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